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25-year Pipelife anniversary

The Photo Competition - Results

We have received a numerous amount of photos and would like to thank all participants for their contribution! You all did really a great job!

According to the rules & regulations of this competition, our jury carefully and anonymously reviewed all the photos that have been submitted and selected the winner and runner-ups in each category according to the stipulated judgement criteria.

We would like to congratulate the winners and runner-ups, who are announced below and will additionally also be contacted by e-mail.

Click on the pictures to see the enlarged photo gallery.

Piping art, abstract piping

1st place: ”Piping material”, Nina Ganglbauer, Austria

2nd place: “The green future”, Izabela Wolska, Poland

3rd place: “Pipe bundle blue”, Wolfgang Böhmberger, Austria

Construction, Production, Installation, Storage

1st place: “Warehouse in a winter night”, Semen Chernov, Russia

2nd place: “Storm”, Ante Karoglan, Croatia

3rd place: “Waiting to be bedded”, Marthinus Retief, South Africa

Environment, CSR

1st place: “Autumn”, Ante Karoglan, Croatia

2nd place: “Sunset”, Semen Chernov, Russia

3rd place: “The flower”, Ralitsa Markova, Bulgaria