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Field Drainage

Enhance agricultural crop production by aerating the soil properly with a suitable drainage system. Reduce soil and nutrient loss from runoff especially on slopes and protect plants from excess or stagnant water. As a further option, you can collect and save drained water for irrigation during dry weather periods. 

Choose from our wide range of agricultural drainage systems and let us accompany you in finding the optimal solution for your particular soil type and topography. Apart from agriculture, also parks, gardens, golf courts, football fields, and other outdoor facilities benefit from efficient water management. 

Žemės ūkis

Drainage Pipe Systems

Light, sturdy, flexible, resistant and easy to connect - this is how to best describes our drainage pipes. They are available in different diameters, with or without perforation and a wide range of filter socks or sleeves. 

Special fleece

Sheets and Pipes with Sleeves

Especially in sandy areas, we recommend sheeting, pipe socks or sleeves for to protect drainage pipes from getting polluted or even clogged. Choose from a broad range made from polypropylene as well as natural fibers.

Drainage well visualization

Drainage Wells

Pipelife supplies a wide range of drainage wells for the inspection and maintenance of drainage pipes. Plastic drainage wells are both light and strong and are therefore easy to handle and install. They can be delivered with several inlets and also gaskets.

Top Benefits

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved salt level
  • Optimal root growth
  • Fast removal of excess or stagnant water
  • Faster drying and warming of soil
  • Lower risk of frost damage
  • Less weed growth
  • Decreased soil and nutrient runoff

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Bell Peppers growing
Bell Peppers growing

Field drainage

News and Projects

Agricultural Drainage in Sweden: The Past, the Present and the Future

May 24th, 2022 | 4 min read

Swedish agribusiness entrepreneur Per Martinsson talks about the agricultural drainage sector in his country and why he works exclusively with Pipelife's solutions.

Drainage pipe installation on the Swedish west coast | Pipelife

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