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Drip Irrigation

Maximize your yields while minimizing resources with drip irrigation - the most efficient and accurate way to water row crops, vegetables, berry orchards, greenhouses. Especially in flat and arid regions, flat drip irrigation is the key to optimizing growth and quality and becoming fully independent of weather conditions. Discover the advantages and find your perfect match in our range of drip irrigation products. 

Flat drip line standard interview with Hamza Özdemir, Turkey

Nobody chooses the hard way when there is a much easier way.

Hamza Özdemir, Farmer of 30 hectares in Turkey's fertile Adana region

I have been a farmer for 7 years. Since I have switched to Pipelife, I have no more problems with burst lines and uneven crop growth as a result. I am pleased to be using Pipelife drip irrigation lines and I recommend them to all farmers.  


Flat Drip Lines

We offer a variety of drip line widths as well as thicknesses, depending on the necessary water quantity and how many seasons your tape should last. Various dripper spacings are available to make sure that water and nutrients go exactly where they are supposed to go: the root zone of your crops. 

Blue Midi Dripper Picture

Drip irrigation emitters

Drippers or emitters are the most crucial element of the irrigation system. State-of-the-art precision molding in our own production make sure that your irrigation systems are equipped with clog- and chemical resistant,  reliable emitters.   

Your benefits with Pipelife drip irrigation systems

  • Flat or hilly topography, mulching, on-ground and below ground installation
  • One to multi-seasonal use
  • Reliability through seamless, high quality driplines 
  • Consistent and uniform supply with precision fabricated emitters
  • Clog-resistance
  • Resistance to nutrients and other agricultural supplements
  • Consistency and accuracy along long lines
  • Easy uncoiling and re-coiling
  • Service and support from our experts

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Your benefits with drip irrigation


Improve crop quality

Increase Yields

Crop-optimal soil moisture is achieved at full field capacity to achieve maximum yield. Optimal growth conditions can also increase yields per plant.


Use 30 to 65% less water

Save on nutrients

Less fertilizers and other chemicals are necessary thanks to their efficient appliance to the root zone.

Lessen disease control

Plants grow best and are strongest when soil, humidity and nutrient conditions are ideal and constant. They are then also more resilient to disease.  


Save up to 35% weeding costs

Less energy consumption

Significantly low operating pressure consumes relatively less energy.  

Harvest, Adana, Turkey

Reduce labor


Improve salinity levels

Easier harvesting

The rows between the plants remain dry which provides an advantage for harvesting especially with heavy machinery. 


Improve uniformity

Handle uneven Terrain

Regardless of topography, pressure compensated (PC) drip irrigation ensures water and nutrients are transmitted evenly throughout your field. 

Use Pressure compensated Drip Irrigation on slopy terrain

Pressure compensated (PC) drippers make sure that the same amount of water is emitted along the full length of the line also on slopy areas. Your benefits with Pipelife PC drippers:

  • high clogging resistance thanks to self flushing design
  • top-quality membrane moves and removes debris
  • resistance to UV and chemicals such as fertilizers
  • reliability due to integral, compact dripper design


Plowed and green field, meadow, forest, hillside, hill and mountains in Krkonose foothills near Roprachtice, Czech republic.

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Bell Peppers growing
Bell Peppers growing
Pipelife Irrigation Dripper Technology

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Drip irrigation

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