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Sprinkler Irrigation

For crops and plants that thrive best when watered from above, we recommend mobile, semi-mobile or fixed PE sprinkler irrigation systems. Our quick-jointing systems (latched or clamped) remain leak-tight even under low-pressure conditions, while our sturdy high-performance sprinklers ensure a uniform and precise water distribution that comes close to natural rain - except that YOU remain in full control of the flow. 


Did you know?

Since water is introduced as fine droplets, similar to rain, sprinkler irrigation can increase the average yield and quality of certain crops, compared to traditional irrigation methods. By providing the exact amount of water and irrigation frequency that crops, fruits and vineyards need, you can benefit from a healthier and longer lasting yield, and avoid crop distress. 

Furthermore, with a controlled water quantity, the soil has a better chance of properly draining, which is especially advantageous for areas where drainage is challenging or where the topography is irregular.


Choose your ideal sprinkler system

So you can install the most appropriate sprinkler system to fit your irrigation needs, we offer three different system solutions: 

Mobile PE sprinkler systems: the motor pump unit, main pipe and laterals can be moved. This system is widely used for agricultural crops and nurseries. 

Semi-mobile PE sprinkler systems: the motor pump unit and main pipe are fixed while the laterals are movable. This system is widely used for irrigating fruit.

Fixed PE sprinkler systems: the motor pump, main pipe and laterals are fixed. This system is widely used for frost/freeze protection for vegetable and fruit crops. 

Pipelife sprinkler close-up

Save water

Increase Yields

Uniform and controlled distribution of irrigation results in maximum yield quality and quantity.

Reduce operation costs


Pipes and fittings are specially designed to be leak tight, even at low pressure rates. 

Durable and crack resistant

The whole system is made to withstand high external loads and impacts, for a long service-life.


Improve crop quality

Soil Protection

Thanks to fine and controlled water droplets, the system does not cause erosion, and is suitable for most soil types. 

Easily replace single components

Control quantity of distributed water

Trouble-free installation

Easy and quick installation thanks to clamp or latch design.

Fine droplets similar to rain

Handle uneven Terrain

Regardless of topography you can ensure water and nutrients are transmitted evenly throughout your field. 

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Sprinkler irrigation

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Every Drop Counts: The Future of Irrigation in Agriculture

May 18th, 2022 | 5 min read

Pipelife’s experts on irrigation solutions share their knowledge on the current state of water use in Europe’s agriculture and their vision about the sector’s future.

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With our locations in 25 countries, communities around the world count on our service, quality and in-depth knowledge for reliable and successful piping solutions. We are always on hand to provide local expertise for your projects, with the ability to analyze project needs from a global perspective. Together with our clients and partners, we are building innovative solutions for a safer and more sustainable future. 

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