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Pipelife supplies 19 Kilometers of Water Distribution Network to Brabant Water

It was with a small ceremony that Water Company Brabant Water, Construction Company Heijmans and representatives from Pipelife Nederland B.V. laid the first water pipe for the expansion of the Water Distribution Network of Brabant Water.

The project De Mortel – Vierlingbeek encompasses a stretch of 19 kilometers of 630mm water pipes to transport potable water. Mostly delivered in PVC, but almost 3 kilometers will be supplied in PE100. The latter will be used for the six parts along the track which need to be drilled.

One of the things that make this project so special is the fact that much care is taken to preserve the nature reserve ‘Stippelberg’ which is found along the way. During the construction work extra attention will be given to protected animals and plants in this reserve and – if needed - their home will be temporarily moved till the work is done.

Another measure taken to minimize the impact of this construction work on the ecological balance is to go underneath this nature reserve instead of going through it. A guided drill of 1100 meters long will be performed and will take about 3 weeks to complete.

The preparations for this project started two years ago. After tough negotiations Pipelife eventually remained and has been granted the order.

In addition to the usual coupling and bends Pipelife has helped with making a synoptical plan and the supply of so called hockey sticks and sinkers. Especially for this occasion, Pipelife changed for one PVC pipe 630mm the standard text into a more personal one to mark the occasion. “The first pipe has been laid by … “

Form a logistical point of view, this project is quite a challenge. Not only regarding the size of the project, but also regarding the physical limitation we encounter. Most of the pipes are delivered in lengths of 20 meters and with their weight only a small number can be transported at once over these lovely but foremost small country roads. Despite these challenges Pipelife has been praised for their efforts by both the construction company and the water company.

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