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Pipelife introduces STOP™

At the beginning of this year Pipelife decided to declare the year 2008 as the “year of safety” and therefore introduced the DuPont™ Stop™ program in all Pipelife factories.

Pipelife wants to STOP accidents:

S = Safety
T = Training
O = Observation
P = Prevention

One of a broad range of measures set for increasing safety is the implementation of STOP™, the “Safety Training Observation Program” in its plants. This training program has been developed by DuPont™, an international organization delivering science-based solutions in areas such as food and nutrition, health care, apparel, safety and security, construction, electronics and transportation.

STOP™ trains each member of the organization to take responsibility for eliminating employee incidents and injuries by skill-fully observing people as they work, talking with them in a caring and positive manner to correct unsafe acts, prevent injuries and reinforce safe work practices.  STOP™ builds a common understanding and commitment to safety in the work place.

After attending hands-on workshops during 2008, the participants, the plant managers and safety responsibles of each Pipelife company have introduced this program in their plants.

For more information contact Anton Engbersen, VP Technics at Pipelife International or visit