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Pipelife is already green, but becomes “greener”

Pipelife cares about the environment and future of our planet! Since already some years we at Pipelife have committed ourselves to sustainability, which plays and important aspect in our daily business life, our production processes and the products and services we offer. Careful use of raw materials, reduction of energy consumption, lowering our emissions and increased recycling are only few examples of the broad range of targets Pipelife dedicates itself to.

This green initiative is driven by and supported from the Pipelife Group Management and is communicated to each single employee to ensure that all our people understand the importance of this topic and to request their commitment to it.

Not only we demand according compliance from all our employees, but we also expect such dedication from all our business partners and also select them accordingly. As example, all our suppliers have to meet the requirements of our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC), which can be downloaded from our webpage (

In selected projects, dedicated teams are working on solutions to achieve the high, but necessary targets set by the Pipelife Management. So far already good achievements can be reported (2011 vs. 2010), like reduction of CO2 emission/kg of produced goods by 3%, energy use by 4% or a decreased water consumption by 3,5%. However we want more and the targets set for 2015 illustrate and underline this commitment! In 2013, Pipelife for the first time will publish a CSR report according to GRI rules, which will cover all our approaches towards this extremely important topic!

Pipelife does not only set group-wide targets, but demands from every Pipelife company, even every single Pipelife employee to think and act green, not only during his/her work, but also in private life. As consequence, lots of local projects and initiatives have arisen. Pipelife Hungary, for example, promised for every 2 mio meter of produced Radopress pipes to plant a tree within the surroundings of the production plant. Certainly this promise is kept and so far, 7 trees have been planted already.

Also, trough innovation management, mainly via Pipelife’s group wide idea collection system, lot of green ideas have been generated and the majority of them have already been implemented.

Contact: Oliver Bannert, Pipelife International,