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Drip irrigation provides longterm food security

Applying hi-tech for crop growth not only helps farmers increase the quantity and ameliorate the quality of yields. At the end of the day, precision irrigation helps secure the availability of food for our ever increasing population while making food producing regions more resilient to increasing droughts and water scarcity. 

How drip irrigation helps

One of the more and more popular precision irrigation methods is flat drip irrigation. This technology is preliminarily applied for row crops such as corn, tomatos, cucumbers, melons, peanuts, peppers, cotton, etc. but also for certain fruits. Principly, the water is fed drop for drop directly to the plant's root zone via so-called emitters of drippers. Rather than applying uncontrolled, traditional methods such as flood irrigation, which leads to periodical over- and underwatering, plants receive a controlled quantity of water to create the exact soil humidity they need to best thrive.

Some welcomed side effects of drip irrigation are: savings on nutrients, less weed development, less soil leeching, healthier and therefore more resistant plant growth, homogenous crop growth, less pumping costs, etc.

Product attributes to look out for

To make this kind of precision in irrigation possible and to ensure best results, the quality of the emitters (design and production) is a crucial factor. Take a look at our video below to see what to look out for when choosing good drip tapes. It is fascinating that a small centimeters-large device can make a big difference. Apart from the drippers per se, also the material of drip tapes plays a role, especially when it comes to multi-year usage but also to fascilitate uncoiling and recoling. 

Decades of expertise and service on hand

Count on high quality products and short lead times with our state of the art production lines in Instanbul and our newly built production in Niğde, Turkey. As our group's Center of Irrigation Excellence, Pipelife Turkey offers you decades of experience in precision irrigation and will accompany you every step of the way, from inception through planning, deliveries to after sales service. 


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Flat drip tapes just before being uncoiled in the corn field
Tomato plants checked for health and maturity
Also the distance of the emitters along the tape need to suit plant distances