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Cleanbox Grease

Wastewater from institutional kitchens, restaurants and food processing facilities is polluted with fat and grease of organic origin. Untreated grease released in the sewage system will eventually strike back by clogging the sewage system. Grease tends to form heavy congestion that grows steadily and eventually completely stops wastewater flow. Later, it will not only block the sewage system for hours but also damage the sewage infrastructure, pose a public health hazard and result in business losses. Additionally, through the sewage system the grease will eventually find its way into the natural environment and represent a serious threat to water life and soil.

The CLEANBOX GREASE is extremely efficient in cleaning water contaminated with fat or grease of organic origins. We design and produce a whole range of grease separators with various capabilities that can successfully address the different requirements of each respective customer. The systems are easily installable, require very little maintenance and are guaranteed to deliver long-lasting performance. All Pipelife Grease Separators are designed according to the European Standard EN-1825-1 and EN-1825-2 and they are CE certified.

CLEANBOX GREASE separators are the perfect solution for your greasy problems.

  • Indispensable ingredient of institutional kitchens, restaurants, food processing facilities.
  • Meets European Standards EN-1825-1 and EN-1825-2.
  • CE certified
  • Available in NS0.5, 7, 9 and 10
  • The NS0.5 is a small and handy under the sink separator.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Compatible with other water treatment systems.

The CLEANBOX GREASE separator range include:






 sludge trap*

 drawings with


 sludge  trap* 

NS7    dwg / pdf
NS9  dwg / pdf  
NS10  10  dwg / pdf   dwg / pdf 

* Actual product can vary locally

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