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Choosing the right system

The following residuals are the maximum residuals when the Pipelife SBR system is used.

 Parameter  Unity  Max. Residual  Intended
 COD  mg/l  90  60
 BOD5  mg/l  20  10
 Ntotal, anorg
 NO2--N, NO3-N)
 mg/l  25  15
 NH4-N  mg/l   10  0

The size and configuration of the most appropriate SBR system for the respective customer depend on the number users or the amount of waste water the users produce. With that in mind, Eco Pipelife has developed a complete family of SBR systems so it can offer the perfect solution to every customer!

The basic SBR system consists of at least two tanks. The first tank acts as the settlement chamber in which solid non-solvent particles are separated from the waste water. The second chamber contains the SBR unit.

The minimum size of tanks is defined by the following table.

 Persons  Amount of
 sewage water
 Minimal water
 volume first
 tank (m3)
 Minimal water
 volume second
 tank (m3)
 4  0,6  2,36  1
 6  0,9  3,09  1,5
 8  1,2  4,12  2
 10  1,5  5,15  2,5
 12  1,8  6,18  3
 14  2,4  8,24  4

The Pipelife SBR system also proves to be the perfect solution in situations where a three-chamber septic tank is already installed or the preferred configuration consists of three smaller tanks.

Pipelife products have time and again demonstrated their compatibility. More often than not, no changes have to be made to the existing tanks. The installation the Pipelife swimmer unit remains quick and easy.

To check how many people can use the Pipelife SBR unit in combination with the existing septic tank, refer to the following table.        

 Persons  amount of
 sewage water
 Minimal water
 volume first +
 second tank
 (m3) *
 Minimal water
 volume third
 tank (m3) *
 4  0,6  2,36  1
 6  0,9  3,09  1,2
 8  1,2  4,12  1,6
 10  1,5  5,15  2

* Defined volumes are minimal operating volumes. The total volume of the tank should exceed the defined water volume.

If an appropriate three-chamber septic tank is already installed the following solutions are suggested:

  • Solution 1 - Upgrading the existing septic tank to a SBR system by placing the reactor unit in one of its chambers.
  • Solution 2 - Upgrading the existing septic tank to a full SBR system by adding a Pipelife tank together with reactor unit on the outlet of the existing septic tank.

If there is no septic tank installed a complete SBR system has to be set up by obtaining two or three Pipelife tanks and the Pipelife reactor unit.

Pipelife tanks will prove to be an indispensable part of your SBR system. Tanks are easy to install and maintain, all the materials used are non-corrosive, highly durable and produced according to the highest quality standards.

For further details, please contact us. Our experts will help you with further information, explanations and professional advice.