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Pipelife Smart Probe

Monitoring and control over EVERY part of the water network

Here is an economical way you can gain better control over network and water quality throughout your entire water supply network - eliminating any blind spots. Pipelife Smart Probe can be fitted at any point directly into the supply and distribution pipes of potable water systems. Installation is hygienically safe and offers uninterrupted water supply. Thanks to its future-proof modular design and because it's battery run - YOU get to decide what is to be measured, anytime and anywhere. 

Developed in close cooperation with water utilities and with 3 successful pilot projects running in the Netherlands, Smart Probe is gaining more and more attention from the industry. Here are some key facts why.

What can be measured?

Different types of sensors and communication protocols (GSM, LoRa, NB-IoT) can be applied with the modular sensor cartridge and modular circuit board. Current pilot projects are running with 2 sensors at a time, one of which measures temperature.

  • Flow speed & direction
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Electrical conductivity

Available soon:

  • Turbidity
  • Acidity or alkalinity (pH)
  • Chlorine
  • Other sensor in mind? Let's discuss!
  • Your advantages with Pipelife Smart Probe
  • 1

    Increase network and water safety

    Detect problems earlier and more easily along your complete water network. Higher density of sensor stations, and data from directly inside the pipe, provide better control and more precision, eliminating any blind spots in the network.

  • 2

    Future-proof modular solution

    Remove, exchange or replace for upgraded sensors any time and within minutes from surface-level. Don't worry about new requirements the future may bring, you are flexible with Smart Probe. 

  • 3

    Interruption-free service

    With Pipelife Smart Probe you are power network independent. This provides freedom of location and is also advantageous when issues in water supply occur at the same time as power blackouts. Change batteries in a swift from ground level and without digging.

  • 4

    Fast installation, zero interruption

    Install your probing systems within 1-2 hours only without interrupting water supply and without water contamination. Once installed, maintenance, sensor or battery exchange can be done from surface-level within minutes.

How can smart water analyses help?

Water utilities are setting up district metered areas (DMA), to gain more knowledge about the blind spots of their drinking water network. By installing different types of sensors into the drinking water network, they are able to:

  • Validate hydrological models against the actual situation
  • Detect and localize leakages
  • Learn about fluctuating water quality along the way
  • Track the actual distribution of water from source to tap
  • Learn about the effects of climate change on potable water
  • Predict events using Big Data, analytic models and/or machine learning

5-Step installation of Pipelife Smart Probe

Mounting the saddle

Smart Probe is fitted like a tapping saddle using 6 bolts to tighten and keep the saddle in position.

Hot tapping

Smart Probe is installed like a hot tapping saddle, to tap a hole into the pressure pipe under pressure, without any risk of contaminating the water.

A flushing valve keeps the system and water free from contamination. 

Placing and lowering the sensor cartridge

The cartridge can now be fitted onto the Smart Probe saddle. After opening the sensor valve, the sensor can be vertically lowered into the pipeline.

Cut protective tube to height and fit

The protective tube is cut to the necessary height for perfect accessibility and placed onto the Smart Probe saddle over the cartridge.

Plug and play

The sensors are plugged into the communication box and the cover is closed. The sensors are instantly connected to the cloud.

Permanent access

With a handling tool, the valves can be operated and sensors can be swapped any time from surface level.


By working closely with multiple water utilities (PWN, Vitens & Oasen), Smart Probe answers many of the challenges water utilities are facing with currently available appliances. Not only does the Smart Probe focus on the ease of use and installation of sensors. It also delivers comprehensive versus currently punctual data. By making Smart Probe modular, we also took into consideration, that needs and measuring technology will change over time. With Pipelife Smart Probe, our clients will be able to continuously improve and adapt their networks and services.

Han Nguyen, Innovation Project Manager 


Pipelife Smart Probe Flyer

Interested in running a pilot in your network?

Smart Probe is not available on the market just yet, but it is available for pilot projects. In fact, 3 pilots have been running successfully for some time now.

If you are interested in being one of the first to try out Smart Probe and actively influence the development of a very promising smart monitoring and probing system, now is your chance! Fill out the contact form below and we'll get back to you. 

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