Modern Stormwater Solution Helps Redevelop an Abandoned Military Site in Ukmerge

March 24, 2023 | 3 min read

A deserted 20-hectare former army base in Ukmerge, Lithuania, will soon be reborn as a modern recreational, residential and business center thanks to a major reconstruction program. The first phase of the project has already started, aiming to establish an up-to-date underground infrastructure that could support sustainable, long-term development of the area. The Pipelife stormwater retention system allowed expanding the capacity of the site's stormwater management network, which will protect the future community center from flood damage.

An aerial view of the installation site in the Ukmerge center | Pipelife © UAB Doresta

Second Life to Former Army Barracks

Due to its strategic location, the Ukmerge district has been used for military purposes since the early 19th century. However, the former army settlements are abandoned nowadays, leaving a large, unattractive scar in the center of the thriving Ukmerge city.

Thanks to joint funding from the EU, the state government and the Ukmerge municipality, the derelict site is now being repurposed into a modern recreational and business center. The heart of the former military base will be an open-air miniature park, stretching over 1.65 hectares and featuring replicas of the most iconic buildings, landmarks and art installations from across the country. In addition, the area will feature gardens, playgrounds, an outdoor exercise zone, a business park and a modern residential district, revitalizing the Ukmerge city center.

Modular Solution Allows Expanding Outdated Stormwater Network

As a former military area, the site has limited underground infrastructure which is unsuitable for the project's purposes. Therefore, the current networks for drainage, stormwater disposal, water supply and sewage all have to be redesigned and rebuilt.

One of the project's major challenges was preventing the limited-capacity wastewater networks from overflowing during heavy precipitation periods. To achieve this, a new underground stormwater retention system was built, which will largely consist of Pipelife Stormbox E crates and accessories.

The dimensions of the retention system are 19.8 x 8.4 x 1.8 meters, with a net capacity of nearly 300 cubic meters. In total, almost 1400 Stormbox E crates were used, together with all necessary accessories and inspection chambers, to build a massive, six-story underground reservoir.

Installers completing the top layer of the six-story underground stormwater reservoir in Ukmerge | Pipelife

Bringing Circularity to Stormwater Management Systems

Pipelife Stormbox E systems are applicable for stormwater retention, storage and soakaway in green areas, parking lots, and for most road drainage projects. Furthermore, the Stormbox E crates are produced entirely from top-quality recycled material and meet the same international quality standards as similar systems from virgin material.

Launched in 2021, Stormbox E immediately raised interest in Pipelife's markets. The system has been widely used in major industrial, residential and commercial projects, offering a fully modular, sustainable and cost-efficient stormwater management solution for areas without heavy traffic.

Four installers finishing the works at the installation site in Ukmerge | Pipelife
Two installers standing atop the completed stormwater reservoir in Ukmerge | Pipelife

From Abandonment to a Thriving Community Space

The construction company UAB “Doresta” is the installer of the ambitious project. The redevelopment of the Ukmerge military town began in 2021, whereas the construction of the underground stormwater retention system was started and completed in January 2023.

The project's first phase, including the miniature park, will be commissioned already by the end of the year, transforming the long-neglected army base into a vibrant, sustainable space for the city's community and guests.

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