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UK sets on biomethane production for a greener gas mix

Gas plays a fundamental role in the UK energy system as a large part is being used for heating commercial or domestic buildings but also for process heating industries. A large potential for decreasing greenhouse emissions is therewith seen in replacing fossils in the gas network with biomethane. SoluForce is glad to be able to support the rising trend of biomethane production with safe, durable and economically viable infrastructure green gas requires.

Biomethane, also known as green gas, can be produced from numerous sources, one of which is anaerobic digestion (AD) using slurry and manure or organic waste (e.g. food or crop). Although the technology of using AD for heating and electrification has been around for quite some time, more and more anaerobic digesters are being built to generate renewable energy while reducing waste (leftover byproduct is used as fertilizer) since the UK sets on a greener gas mix.

A recent biomethane infrastructure project has been implented at a dairy farm in the UK using SoluForce Reinforced Gas Tight Thermoplastic Pipes.

"The UK government would like to incorporate at least 10% biogas in the country's energy mix. Lots of farmers are investing in digesters to make use of cow manure and slurry to produce it as supplementary income. However, particularly safe infrastructure is needed to collect, enrich, and bring the gas to the right pressure (> 40 bar) so that it can enter the national gas grid (National Transmission System). And this is where we provide a fitting solution", says Bart van Dijk, Sales Manager at SoluForce.

"With growing demand and pressure to meet European environmental targets for renewables in electricity, heating but also transport, we see a lot of potential growth in the field of biogas and particularly biomethane. Other than biogas, biomethane is very similar to natural gas, so it can be injected into the gas network or used for fueling transport," explains Robert-Jan Berg, Managing Director of SoluForce. He continues: "We are glad to be able to support this development toward a greener gas mix by offering safe, economic and long-lasting infrastructure solutions."

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Perfect setting for a side business producing green gas: a dairy farm
The corrosion resistant pipes are flexible enough to be coiled for easy transportation of long pipe lengths