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Wastewater Systems and Solutions

Environmentally sound, long lasting and leak tight wastewater systems are crucial for healthy communities and a safe environment. Certified to national as well as international safety and quality standards, our wastewater solutions are easy and quick to install, last for decades and need comparably little maintenance. 

Our smart solutions help to anticipate future needs and decrease the likelihood of spills and contamination thanks to reliable data collection, monitoring and alerts. Remote control enables network operators to have full control, more flexibility, peace of mind and most importantly the possibility to act in time.

Large diameter pipes at the Saalfelden construction site

Wastewater Pipe Systems

Choose from a broad range of high-quality sewage pipes, made from PVC, PP or PE with corrugated or smooth walls, and in all common stiffness classes.

Pipelife PRO Manholes 800-1000 DN

Manholes, Chambers & Tanks

We offer a broad range of lightweight and durable manholes, chambers and tanks, for storage, inspection, maintenance, cleaning, pumping and sampling. 

Pipelife composite GRP Cover round

GRP Covers & Grates

Complete your pipe, manhole or chamber system with equal quality and opt for our durable and lightweight composite covers and grates, for an efficient and easy installation. 

Zbiornik szczelny

Cleaning & Treatment

Reduce pollution and efficiently clean water with our wide range of wastewater treatment solutions, including septic tanks, separators, filters and more. 

Smart Pumping Stations

Bigger stormwater management systems often require pumping stations to move water fast enough. With our station monitors you can easily surveil and control the operation of pumping stations.

News and Projects

Smart Water Service Optimizes the Sewage Network in Norway

Mar 15th, 2023 | 3 min read

The Kristiansand municipality has been testing stream inlet sensors and overflow meters from Pipelife Norway’s smart water service to prevent sewage overflows.

A close up of the sensors of the smart water system set up in the Kristiansand municipality | Pipelife

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Pipelife Partnership
Pipelife Partnership

Infrastructure Systems & Solutions


Road Drainage




Stormwater Management


Gas Distribution

New Energy

Hydrogen Transportation

Cable Protection

Cable Protection

Hot Cold

District Heating & Cooling

Long Lenght

Long Length HDPE Pipes

Frost Insulated

Frost Insulated Pipes

Potable Water

Potable Water Supply

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