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Rain is part of our life. You can control its impacts.


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Safely removing and storing rainwater

Water is one of our most precious resources. With weather conditions becoming more unpredictable, the need for efficient and reliable rainwater management and drainage systems is crucial to protect buildings and premises from flooding and overflows, to save water or for controlled infiltration back into the soil.

Together with our clients, partners and R&D teams, we are constantly evaluating and advancing our modular rainwater and drainage solutions to offer the most effective, made to measure solution for practically any rainwater project. 

Naturally, all our systems meet stringent national and international safety standards.

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Vacuum Roof Drainage

Efficient and fast drainage systems for low gradient and flat roofed buildings.

Drainage Pipe Systems

Complete and durable drainage pipe systems that are corrosion resistant and quick to install.

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Rainwater Infiltration

Flexible, modular systems for rainwater storage or controlled infiltration back into the soil.

Rainwater Storage and Reuse

Flexible, modular systems for rainwater storage and possible reuse.

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Sediment and Oil Filtering Systems

Environmentally friendly and complete solutions designed to reduce water pollution.

Complete solutions for over-ground drainage

For the transportation of surface water, from roof level down to the ground, we offer a variety of gravity and pressure pipe systems in all common stiffness classes, with both smooth and structured walls. All our pipes offer excellent soundproofing properties, with rigidity and robustness for safe and reliable installation, even in extreme high or low temperatures. 

We also offer vacuum roof drainage solutions for flat and low gradient roofs, where usually it would not be possible to drain rainwater with a traditional roof drainage system. With rainwater sucked into a downpipe at full flow, water is evacuated quickly and efficiently, especially during high precipitation.

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Complete solutions for underground Rainwater Management

Our complete rainwater management system prevents floods and infiltrates water back into the soil or functions as water storage tank. The stored, reusable water can then be used for sanitary purposes or irrigation. To ensure a complete and reliable drainage system for your building projects, all components are designed and developed by Pipelife, with infinite possibilities to fit the volume of precipitation and runoff water as well as soil types and building requirements. 

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News and Projects

Transforming Modern Cities in the Face of Climate Change

Aug 23rd, 2022 | 6 min read

Our irrigation specialist Konstantinos Akritanakis shares his expertise in adapting green spaces to the city conditions.

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