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Clean water is essential for life. You can ensure its safe supply.


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Potable Water Supply

Reliable, hygienic and safe water supply is a basic foundation for healthy living standards. While our open dig and trenchless installed pipe solutions make sure that water reaches consumers safely and as pure as from its source, Pipelife's Smart Probing solution puts network operators in full control of water and network quality.

It goes without saying that our water supply systems are made from top quality raw materials. Our PE and PVC Pipe Systems are produced to the most stringent national as well as international standards, providing safe and reliable installations that require minimal maintenance. Find your tailored potable water solution from source to tap right here with Pipelife. 

We met and solved all challenges together

Alexandros Petropoulos, Project Manager at C. D. CONSTANTINIDIS S.A.

Our teams worked seamlessly together, on both management and site level. Solving all challenges together, from logistics through pipe welding to debeading, engineering, and QA/QC we successfully completed this complex project.

Aegina potable water supply solution
Classic PE Water Pipe Closeup

Classic PE Pipe Systems

PE Pressure pipes for potable water supply. The standard high-quality solution for all mains and service lines. 

Robust RC

Robust PE Pipe Systems

For special use cases e.g. difficult conditions and trenchless installation, opt for our PE 100 RC (crack resistant) solutions with or without protective coat.

ciśnieniowe PVC

PVC Pipe Systems

Rigid, lightweight and quick to join – with our PVC pipe systems you have an easy, economical solution.

Verlegung Trinkwasserspeicher in Bruck Mur

Water Tapping and Storage

Ensure independant water supply and manage fluctuating water consumption, especially for remote areas, with spring water tapping tanks and water storage solutions. 

Potable Water Network Monitoring

Improve potable water network operation with comprehensive monitoring coverage and custom data measurements.

Better access to drinking water and less water loss

In some countries, up to 50% of distributed drinking water is wasted due to leaking pipes, lack of proper management and poorly maintained infrastructure. By implementing better water management practices, such as smart water probing, millions of cubic meters of water could be saved annually.

Futhermore, when properly installed and maintained, plastic pipes provide a hygienic, safe and corrosion resistant water supply. By replacing old or damaged water lines using e.g. trenchless installation methods, you can ensure better access to clean water and a longer service life compared to traditional materials.

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Pipelife Water Monitoring
Pipelife Water Monitoring

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Potable Water Supply




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