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Harsh winters are part of your life. You can keep water flowing despite freezing temperatures.


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Frost Insulated Pipe Systems

Don't let the weather dictate the usability of your pipes. When temperatures drop below zero, frost can cause supply and discharge outages. Our water-repellent multi-layer thermal insulated pipes ensure a safe and reliable setup for all your overground and underground networks. For areas with extreme temperatures, pipes can be integrated with a heating wire

We provide a complete range of frost-proof piping systems for cable protection, water supply, drainage, surface water and drainage, which are certified according to international as well as national safety standards

Water supply pipes

Pre-insulated pressure pipes for water mains and service lines made of PVC or PE, which are equipped with ducts for heating wires.

Sewage and Drainage Pipes

Complete pre-insulated sewage and drainage systems, also suitable for overground pipelines such as bridge crossings, tunnels and shallow trenches.

Soil and Waste Pipes for Houses

Pre-insulated indoor and outdoor drain pipes for houses and cabins

Heat pump and geothermal

Pre-insulated pipes for increasing the efficiency of geothermal applications and heat pumps.

Temporary Bypasses

Reusable pre-insulated pipes for creating temporary bypasses during construction or repairs.

District Heating

Complete and certified pre-insulated pipe systems for directly buried district heating networks for the distribution of hot water.

Industrial Pipes

Pre-insulated pipes for keeping liquids at a regulated temperature. Perfect for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry applications.

keep pipes frost free with remotely controlled heating wires

Our pre-insulated pipes are also available with integrated heating wires, which are ideal for pipes in shallow trenches or above ground, and can be used to upgrade existing pipes or to temporarily defrost rain gutters and similar structures.

Save up to 50-70% of operating costs in winter and control and monitor the heating wires with Easy Reg for cottages or for larger systems with SmartReg. They automatically regulate the correct temperature based on ground and air temperature and set parameters. In cases of frost risks or technical failure, SmartReg will directly inform the utility manager.

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Pipelife Partnership
Pipelife Partnership

News and Projects

Half a Century of Expertise in Frost-Proof Piping Solutions

Feb 1st, 2023 | 6 min read

From Svalbard to Antarctica, our team at Pipelife Norway has protected pipes from freezing even in the world's harshest environments.

A penguin walking past a sledge with Isovarm pipes in Troll, Antarctica | Pipelife

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