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Stormwater Management Systems

Due to climate change, we’re experiencing more unpredictable weather events. Long periods of drought, followed by sudden spells of heavy rain are now common, which can lead to flash flooding and sewage overflows. To protect cities as well as their infrastructure and transport networks from high stormwater runoff and flood damage, municipalities throughout Europe are investing in climate adaptation measures.

Pipelife's stormwater management solutions help you build an underground drainage system that catches, cleans and retains excess stormwater runoff. Retained water can either be collected and reused for non-potable applications, or slowly released back into the surrounding soil, helping to maintain a more natural water cycle and preventing treatment plants and drainage systems from being overburdened. 

All underground drainage and flood prevention systems meet stringent national and international water management and safety standards and offer the most effective solution for any stormwater management project.

Hydrosystem 500 mit Anschluß an Wasser von Strasse

Treatment & Cleaning

Stormwater poses contamination risks for water bodies and groundwater if released without pollution management. This is why we offer a broad range of stormwater filtering, separation, and treatment solutions that eliminate these common water pollution risks.

Stormwater Soakaway

Stormwater soakaway systems ensure that excess water can flow into the subsurface soil at a controlled infiltration rate. While minimizing the risks of overflow, the system also helps maintain ground water levels and a more natural water cycle.

Stormbox II Zielona Gora Poland

Stormwater Attenuation

Surface runoff during heavy rainfall can bring drainage systems and treatment plants to their limits. Our attenuation or water storage systems retain and release stormwater gradually into the networks giving the option to reuse the treated water for irrigation or greywater.

Pipelife PRO Manholes 800-1000 DN

Manholes and Chambers

Pipelife’s Manhole and Inspection Chamber Systems provide access to a sewer or stormwater management system for inspection, maintenance, cleaning, and sampling. Made of light PP, these systems are extremely durable and easy to install.

Smart Pumping Stations

Some flood prevention and rainwater water management systems require pumping stations to move water fast enough. With our alert and monitoring system, you can remotely surveil and control the operation of pumping stations 24/7.

Constuction site at Airbus in Manching am 17.06.19 © Volker Lannert

A modular stormwater management system tailored to your exact needs

Our stormwater solutions are easy to install and fully adapted to each project’s local conditions such as soil, precipitation, or existing infrastructure. The result is a reliable, long-lasting stormwater management system fully tailored to each client’s needs.

Pipelife's stormwater management systems are modular and flexible in design. The process is simple, and every part can be applied singularly or in combination: 

  • Catch
  • Filter or clean 
  • Infiltrate or attenuate (retain) 
  • Reuse or discharge. 


Application areas

  • Roads and railways
  • Industrial parks
  • Sporting arenas
  • Airports
  • Property drainage
  • Agricultural drainage


  • Catching
  • Cleaning
  • Transporting
  • Discharging
  • Infiltration or storage
  • Stormwater reuse


  • Quality: High standards, trusted components, full compatibility
  • Sustainability: Fully recyclable or recycled, long-lasting 
  • Maintenance: Easy access for inspection and cleaning

Raineo®: the rainwater management system by Pipelife

Raineo® prevents flood and water pollution but also can function as water storage. The stored, reusable water can then be used for sanitary purposes or irrigation. Whatever way it is applied, Raineo® takes care of this valuable resource for decades.

The Raineo® system is designed for underground application. It functions under various circumstances and for diverged objectives. For this reason it allows the designer, the customer and the community to make the choice to harvest rainwater whenever and however they choose. Raineo® is designed not only for today’s needs but also for tomorrow’s world.


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