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Long length HDPE Pipes

As a leading producer of long length HDPE (marine) pipes, we draw on more than 25 years of experience in design, production, delivery and installation, to provide safe and durable piping solutions to global submarine projects. Regardless of technical or challenging project requirements, contractors rely on our support from inception through delivery to project completion.

Where can you apply them

We are the first company in the world to supply solid wall, large diameter HDPE pipes, which are continuously extruded in lengths of up to 600 meters, and smaller diameters even up to 2.5 km.

Certified and tested to national as well as international safety and quality standards, our piping solutions are ideal for onshore, nearshore and offshore projects, serving mainly but not exclusively:

  • power plants
  • desalination plants
  • water and wastewater applications
  • transmission line protection (e.g. offshore wind farms)

Benefits of using long length HDPE Pipes

  • Little to no welding work
  • Minimized risk of joint failures 
  • Lower transportation costs and less environmental impact
  • Substantial time and cost savings for the contractor (e.g. no land based site and storage area necessary)
  • Lower risk for damages during handling, transport and storage

Benefit from our 25+ years of experience

  • Solid marine application and pipe calculation know-how
  • Deep market knowledge
  • Close partnership with global marine piping consultants and contractors
  • Marine pipe specialists for every main market
  • Engineering and general technical advice and support 

Economical, safe and environmentally friendly transportation

Kilometers of HDPE pipes have been economically delivered by tug boat to over 140 different marine sites around the world, including Uruguay, Ghana and even Malaysia. Our pipes are towed from the Pipelife plant in Stathelle, Norway, directly to the (marine) installation site where they are ballasted, submerged and installed. With no transshipment or onshore storage needed, our deliveries are economical, simple and direct.

Our biggest marine project set a world record after we towed more than 3.3 km of long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipe from Stathelle, Norway, to Malaysia, covering an unrivalled distance of 27,720 kilometers.

Pipelife World Record HDPE Pipe Delivery

Installation and Jointing

Onshore Installation

  • Above ground
  • Open trench
  • Pipe bursting or splitting
  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

Offshore Installation

  • S-Bend installation (ballasting, trenching/backfilling)
  • Directional drilling (pulling pipe direction land)

Jointing methods that fit your unique requirements

We provide complete system solutions with engineering support based on years of experience in marine projects worldwide. All pipe sections are supplied with flange connections and blind flanges to facilitate a quick assembly and increase the overall safety of your installations. To fit your unique project requirements, our HDPE pipes can be jointed using several methods:

  • Electrofusion welding
  • Butt fusion welding
  • Extrusion welding
  • Saddle welding
PIP_NLE_Water_Waterleiding Almere

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Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Three 350-meter-long, solid wall, long length large diameter pipes travelled all the way from Norway over the Atlantic Ocean to Punta Catalina power station in the Dominican Republic, where they serve as cooling water lines.

Pipelife World Record HDPE Pipe Delivery

New World Record HDPE Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a world record after towing over 3.3 kilometers of pipe from Stathelle, Norway, to Malaysia. The long length large diameter HDPE pipe delivery to a major power project was towed for unrivalled 27,720 kilometers. 


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Pipelife Partnership
Pipelife Partnership

Communities around the world rely on Quality, Service and Know-How from Pipelife.

With our locations in 27 countries, communities around the world count on our service, quality and in-depth knowledge for reliable and successful piping solutions. We are always on hand to provide local expertise for your projects, with the ability to analyse project needs from a global perspective. Together with our customers and partners, we are building innovative solutions for a safer and more sustainable future. 

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