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Pipes, the Lifelines of our Communities

Underground infrastructures are the lifelines of our communities. Conveying potable water, wastewater, stormwater, gas, oil or cables, they keep our modern world turning and keep life safe, clean and comfortable.

Just as our body depends on healthy and efficient vessels, the well-being of our communities depends on efficient, reliable infrastructure networks. But what does “efficient and reliable” mean today? To us, “efficient and reliable” goes far beyond product quality.

In addition to ensuring top product and service quality we provide solutions for current and future challenges:

  • to handle more with less resources 
  • to make cities more resilient to changes and future-proof 
  • to increase insights and control 
  • to improve network safety and medium quality

Smart Water Service Optimizes the Sewage Network in Norway

Mar 15th, 2023 | 3 min read

The Kristiansand municipality has been testing stream inlet sensors and overflow meters from Pipelife Norway’s smart water service to prevent sewage overflows.

A close up of the sensors of the smart water system set up in the Kristiansand municipality | Pipelife
A wind farm in Groningen, the Netherlands | Pipelife

At the Forefront of Hydrogen Infrastructure Development

Feb 15th, 2023 | 8 min read

An excavator closing a shallow trench with several cable protection pipes laid | Pipelife

Safeguarding Swedish Wind Power

Feb 10th, 2023 | 3 min read

A penguin walking past a sledge with Isovarm pipes in Troll, Antarctica | Pipelife

Half a Century of Expertise in Frost-Proof Piping Solutions

Feb 1st, 2023 | 6 min read

Close up of the construction works at the Strømsåsen tunnel | Pipelife

Frost-Proof Solutions for a Major Railway Tunnel

Jan 27th, 2023 | 3 min read

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At Pipelife we develop future oriented infrastructure solutions and know-how to tackle and mitigate challenges regarding urbanization, climate and pollution.

Potable Water

Potable Water Supply

Establish your potable network from source to tap with end-to-end certified top quality. Gain more control over network and water quality with our unique Smart Probing Solution. 



Environmentally sound and long-lasting wastewater pipe systems are essential for a healthy environment. We offer a great variety of gravity and pressure pipe systems including solutions for smart pumping, filtering, sedimentation and more.



Climate is changing rapidly and we experience excessive rain, drought, heat and flash flooding. Find the ideal stormwater management solution to capture, retain or infiltrate, and to reuse water efficiently to adapt to and mitigate water related problems.


Road Drainage

Reliable, long-lasting road drainage systems keep our roads safe. Especially tunnels and broad streets such as highways need solutions that reliably keep surfaces dry. Find your ideal solution, suiting soil type, space and runoff conditions.


Gas Distribution

The transportation of gas is all about reliability and safety. Hence the experience and expertise of the supplier are particularly important. Pipelife has been a pioneering supplier of gas lines for decades. We offer unique solutions for gas distribution, leak detection and network safety.

New Energy

Hydrogen Transportation

Hydrogen is seen as viable key to decarbonizing our economy.  Providing industries and the gas grid with our high and low pressure Hydrogen certified pipe solutions we may shorten the road to the Grand Energy Transition.

Cable Protection

Cable Protection

Be it for submarine, subterraneal or above ground applications: You will find the right protective pipe system for fiber optic cables, electric power and telecom cables within our range of PE, PVC and fire retardant PP Protection Pipes. 

Hot Cold

District Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling does not always begin within the building. Our pre-insulated pipe systems make sure that temperatures are not lost on the way from the central source to residential and commercial complexes.

Long Lenght

Long Length HDPE Pipes

Onshore desalination plants, coastal power plants, treatment facilities, and offshore windfarms around the globe count on our team's 25 years experience in design, production, marine delivery and installation of long length PE pipe systems up to 2500 mm diameter. Opt for the world's first and leading supplier of long length marine PE pipes.

Frost Insulated

Frost Insulated Pipes

Our Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems make sure that water and energy flow safely at all times of the year, even in very cold regions. Insulated and equipped with heating wires they can be installed above frost line or even above ground. 

Communities around the world rely on Quality, Service and Know-How from Pipelife.

With our locations in 24 countries, communities around the world count on our service, quality and in-depth knowledge for reliable and successful piping solutions. We are always on hand to provide local expertise for your projects, with the ability to analyze project needs from a global perspective. Together with our clients and partners, we are building innovative solutions for a safer and more sustainable future. 

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