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Water is part of our everyday life. Make sure it is supplied safely.


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Reliable, safe and efficient water supply systems

Hygienic. Safe. Corrosion resistant. Low maintenance. These are just a few of the basic requirements you would expect for your water supply systems. With decades of experience under our belts, our complete range of potable water systems provide you peace of mind with reliable, easy and quick installations. Naturally, our water pipe range is free from heavy metals and toxic chemicals, so you have the safest options at hand requiring minimal maintenance. 

Certified to national as well as international safety and quality standards, our water supply systems are a preferred choice for the safe delivery of drinking water in homes and buildings throughout Europe. 


Multilayer Composite Pipe Systems

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PEX - PERT - PB Pipe Systems

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PP-R & PP-RCT Pipe Systems

News and Projects

Supporting Bulgaria’s Little People Community

Dec 15th, 2022 | 3 min read

Pipelife, together with its trusted installers, restored access to safe drinking water in the service center of the association Little People of Bulgaria.

Five members of "The Little People of Bulgaria" association give high five to each other in front of the entrance of the service center | Pipelife

Want to know the difference between all systems?

Professionals usually have their preferences for which type of pipes they use for different applications. However, if you are looking for different piping materials to use for your water supply, we break down the general differences between our water supply pipes.

The main advantage of this pipe, compared to standalone PEX, is that the aluminum layer acts as an oxygen barrier, which makes it an ideal material for hot water supply and radiant floor heating applications. When used in hot water piping systems, the aluminium barrier protects the boiler/water heater from corrosion by keeping oxidants out of the water, further prolonging its durability and lifespan.

With flexible and lightweight characteristics, installation is fast and efficient with minimal maintenance required, making it an ideal system for residential heating, commercial heating and snow melting applications. It’s corrosion resistant, therefore a safe pipe for potable water and long-term reliability. PERT uses the same fast and reliable connection systems that are used for PEX.

Being a crosslinked material gives PEX enhanced properties, such as greater long-term stability against internal pressure with high temperatures, resistance to slow crack growth and reduced creep (material flow) under compressive loads at fitting connections. It’s ideal for hot water systems, and with the ability to bend the pipe around corners, fewer elbows and fittings are required speeding up installation.

Ideal piping material for the transfer of hot and cold liquids inside the home with excellent resistance to creep and extremely high strength (high yield strength, high impact strength, high tear strength, high puncture resistance). Exceptional resistance to environmental stress cracking with no corrosion or scale build-up. Also provides low noise transmission.

Major advantage of this material is its higher temperature withstanding properties, making it ideal for plumbing and sanitation pipelines used in bathrooms and toilets for conveying hot water. It doesn’t corrode, get brittle or soft under high pressure, and therefore lasts a longer time. The pipes have very low thermal conductivity, so ideal for hot and cold water supply.

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