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One-stop irrigation solutions tailored to your needs

Boost yields and save resources with an irrigation setup tailored to your specific field conditions. From pump to plant and from conception to installation, benefit from a complete product portfolio and 360° service.

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End-to-End Irrigation Service in 8 Steps

No need to worry about what’s best for your plot and crop — our experts are at your side, every step of the way. Make an informed choice based on decades of experience and expertise in irrigation equipment and farming knowledge gained through close cooperation with farmers.

Based on your operating and production methods, crop types and conditions of the land you cultivate, we will present you all suitable irrigation methods pointing out their advantages and disadvantages. You will be able to make an informed decision about what suits you best.

Our engineers will calculate, select and dimension every element of your irrigation setup for an engineered design. It will ensure reliable and even irrigation to maximize your plantation area and results while keeping resources and running costs to a minimum.

No need to worry about hidden or additional costs. You can count on a professional quotation based on a product listing including everything to the very last bolt. At this point, and if applicable, you will also receive a quotation for installation costs.

There are various national and European funds to which you may have access. Not every investor fulfills the necessary criteria for grants, but it’s worthwhile checking the possibilities. We’ll advise and support you in this and in preparing the required documentation, delivery timing and commissioning.

Timely deliveries are crucial especially for seasonal businesses such as yours. Also, grants may include agreements on delivery, installation and commissioning times that need to be respected. There is no need for you to juggle multiple parties, we’ll make sure everything is in place at the right time.

With one of our trusted local installation partners and a Pipelife expert supervising the works on-site, you can be sure your irrigation setup is built exactly according to the planned design. Starting your system up for the first time will be exciting because you already know that commissioning is going to be a success.

In addition to having been recommended user-friendly technology, you will receive all the instruction material and training you need to understand how to operate, manage and maintain your irrigation setup.

On top of being available to you with support and know-how throughout the irrigation season, we provide you with a warranty period of 24 months for maintenance service and spare parts.

Every Drop Counts

Discover the future of irrigation in agriculture

Greenhouse plants
Greenhouse plants

From Pump to Plant and from Conception to Installation

With our farm irrigation solutions, you benefit from a complete product portfolio and 360° service.

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Maximize yields

Produce to full plot capacity and increase yields per plant with ideal soil moisture.

improve crop quality

Get the most out of each plant and consistently produce top quality.

Use less water

Save up to 65% water by making sure it only goes where it is needed.

Minimize fertilizer Use

Save on nutrients and other chemicals thanks to efficient appliance.

Use less energy

Minimize operating pressures and related energy consumption.

Minimize disease control

Increase plant health with optimal, consistent soil humidity and nutrient conditions.

Protect your soil

Avoid erosion and keep salinity levels up for sustainable land use.

reduce weeding costs

Save up to 35% on weeding costs, especially with drip irrigation.

reduce labor

Opt for partially to fully automated irrigation and let the system work for you.

Irrigation Products from A to Z

You know best what your crops need, and we are experts in providing the right equipment for you to achieve optimal conditions. Browse through our product pages to gain an overview of the broad range of irrigation equipment and systems we offer — either from our production or from our carefully selected partners. Find out what criteria to pay attention to when choosing components for your irrigation setup.

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Pipelife Drip Irrigation Products

Drip irrigation

Pipelife Sprinkler

Sprinkler irrigation

Pipelife Water Supply pipes

Water supply systems

Self Cleaning Filtration Systems

Filtration systems

Precision Fertigation System for Irrigation

Fertigation systems

Pipelife Controle Valve

Irrigation control valves

Pipelife Controllers for Irrigation

Irrigation controllers

Pipelife Irrigation Pump

Irrigation pumps


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