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Thinking about our future is part of our life. Let's shape it today for a better tomorrow.



We will not sit back and wait for the future to happen. Climate change, pollution, urbanization, a faster than ever changing and data driven society, new technologies, etc., these are just some of the buzzwords of our time.

We see these as a call for taking the future into our own hands. We have the know-how, creativity, partners and the drive to anticipate future needs and to swiftly adapt to the unpredictable.

True innovation is foreseeing what people need, before they do.

Zoran Davidovski, R&D and Innovation Officer, Pipelife

We are a leading international manufacturer of piping solutions for good reason. In order to best anticipate the needs of a continuously evolving world; we are constantly developing not just our processes and products, but also ourselves. 

Zoran Davidovski

We Drive Innovation

Innovation is not necessarily about always coming first, it is also about making things better. Our R&D division has a very clear goal: to continuously challenge the status quo and to anticipate future needs with lasting solutions.

In our bid to continuously challenge ourselves and source innovate ideas, we launched "Ideas & More" in 2009 for Pipelife employees to flex their creative muscles and prompt innovative solutions for production processes, waste, recycling and environmental developments. 

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Innovative Solutions

In order to make our homes and cities more resilient, we need truly innovative products and solutions, not just product refinements. You will therefore only find truly pioneering solutions that future proof our living conditions on this page.

Pipelife Smart Probe Illustration

Smart & Digital

With the ability to harness the power of data, our smart solutions help you to learn about causes and effects in order to predict, prevent and manage potential impacts from e.g. climate change, and to ultimately improve your services to your clients. 

our future oriented solutions

Our world is constantly evolving. And so are we. Thanks to our incredible global Pipelife talent and feedback and suggestions from our clients, we are able to offer reliable and intuitive systems that meet the needs of tomorrow.


Nov 09, 2020 | 5 min read

Many experts see hydrogen as viable candidate in helping us towards a carbon freer economy. There are however quite some challenges to overcome. We provide safe, long lasting and cost-efficient hydrogen piping infrastructure.

Rennewable energy generation seen in rural Germany

Smart Probe - a futureproof gamechanger for water utilities

Developed in close cooperation with water utilities, Smart Probe tackles common challenges in water sensoring. The days of blind spots in potable water networks may soon be over and network as well as water safety can be further increased.

Aug 27, 2020 | 3 min read

Pipelife Smart Probe Pilot


Together with Groningen Seaports, SoluForce has developed a Flexible Composite Pipe system for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar. Unique in the world of hydrogen transport and a global first. This significant milestone has a major impact on the feasibility of (green) hydrogen, and is a new step towards a sustainable energy mix.

July 2, 2019 | 2.5 min read

From left to right: Prof. Ad van Wijk (Professor Future Energy Systems at TU Delft), Eertwijn van den Dool (Groningen Seaports), Robert-Jan Berg (SoluForce), Herbert Colmer (Groningen Seaports)

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