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Hydrogen is part of a better, low carbon future. You can transport it efficiently, today.


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Hydrogen Transportation

We are in the middle of a major energy transition, requiring cost effective, reliable and safe solutions. Hydrogen is one of the most versatile energy carriers that can store renewables (e.g wind and solar). It presents a viable solution to increasing the share of renewables in gas and electricity grids and a big potential accelerator towards a low-carbon economy.

At Pipelife, we have a clear mission: to revolutionize the way energy is transported, by offering solutions that help cut costs and make operations safe, durable and efficient.


High-pressure Non-metallic Hydrogen Infrastructure

Unique in the world of hydrogen transportation and as a global first, we have developed a spoolable Reinforced Thermoplastic Piping system (RTP) KIWA certified for hydrogen applications up to 42 bar of operating pressure. Compared to conventional steel pipes, they are maintenance-free, flexible and corrosion resistant. 

In addition to their significant contribution to our Grand Energy Transition, our hydrogen certified non-metallic pipes provide many advantages to gas and electricity suppliers.

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Main advantages of non-metallic hydrogen applications

  • Operating pressure of 42 bar
  • No permeation
  • Fully certified
  • Non-metallic fitting system

Main advantages compared to steel applications

  • No hydrogen embrittlement
  • No corrosion
  • Fully flexible
  • Easy and quick to install

Hydrogen Mix for Gas Grids

With ongoing research and development, we are well on our way to make gas grids fit for the future. By providing safe and economical solutions for the transportation of hydrogen through certified PVC gas pipe systems, we can help to increase the possibility to mix green hydrogen into the usual gas blend, and increase the share of renewable energy in gas grids.

A rollout across big gas users such as Germany, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, etc. could considerably decrease carbon dioxide emissions from heating commercial and domestic properties.

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News and Projects

Hydrogen Infrastructure for Renewable Energy: Challenges and Solutions

Feb 17th, 2022 | 5 min read

Hydrogen energy is often referred to as "future fuel" and is considered crucial in transitioning towards a carbon-neutral economy by the EU.

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