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Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

It has been Pipelife’s policy for a long time to conduct business in a fair and sustainable way (see Pipelife Code of Conduct). This does not only include that Pipelife itself is committed to respect the laws, ethical rules of fairness, fundamental rights of its employees, its customers and anyone else possibly getting in touch by our products. It is also essential that Pipelife’s business partners also act in a decent way reconcilable with Pipelife’s standards and therefore we hereby set out the minimum standards to be complied with by every of our Suppliers in order to make business with Pipelife...

Code of Conduct for Lobbying Activities

Pursuant to the Austrian Lobbying Act, lobbying activities by Wienerberger AG (incl. Pipelife Group) are subject to the Code of Conduct below.

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