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Safe Roads for the Future: Pipelife Helps Build Climate Resilience in the Czech Republic

23. November 2021 | 3 min read

Since 2000, floods in Europe have caused at least 25 billion losses and cost hundreds of lives. Efficient stormwater drainage is crucial to prevent flooding of urban areas and ensure safety, long service life, as well as uncompromised function of highways and railroad networks. With heavy rainfalls expected to become more common in the future, robust stormwater management has become a key priority to climate adaptation throughout Europe.

Combining innovations with a tailored approach to each client, Pipelife has become the primary stormwater solutions provider in the Czech Republic. Working towards modern national and transnational connections, the country has built and modernized hundreds of kilometers of major roads and railways. Drainage systems have a crucial role in these projects, ensuring safety for travelers as well as longevity and less repairs of structures in the future. More renovation projects of national and international importance are in progress. 

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Constructing roads that last

Pipelife's drainage systems are currently used to modernize the D1, D3, and D7 highways to ensure the safety and durability of the renewed sections. These are among the busiest roads in the Czech Republic, linking Prague with other regions throughout the country. Once completed, the D3 motorway will also bear international significance, connecting the Czech Republic with Austria.

Pipelife's drainage systems are characterized by high reliability and long service life, ensuring efficient rainwater removal even during heavy falls. This way, road surface damage can be prevented, and safe driving conditions are provided.

On the D1, Pipelife's retention tanks will also be implemented as part of the road drainage system. The project is being carried out with respect to the existing engineering networks in the route, which will be relocated or protected as necessary.

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Providing sustainable rainwater management

Combining drainage pipe systems with Pipelife's solutions for retention and infiltration or attenuation presents several possibilities to further manage the collected rainwater, offering a comprehensive service.

Stormwater can be conveyed to a nearby treatment plant. Alternatively, it can be purified and released into a water body or gradually infiltrated into the soil without harming the environment. Since Pipelife's systems are modular, they are easily tailored to the specific needs of each project.

Installation of stormboxes | Pipelife

Building for the future

In the coming decades, floods and heavy rainfalls in Europe are likely to become more frequent. Thus, measures for infrastructure protection must be implemented today.

Pipelife offers tailor-made solutions that can be customized to address even highly challenging conditions. Combined with quick assembly and easy installation, these systems are transforming current transport networks into future-proof connections that will cope with tomorrow's climate risks. "Pipelife offers a wide range of products. We are very happy with the selection the supplier proposed and provided," says Engineer Roman Daniel of Strabag, "And we appreciate the trouble-free marking of products and compliance with the documentation. Work went smoothly, not least thanks to the easy handling and assembly of the system!"

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