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No More Contamination: Pipelife Helps Resolve Water Quality Issues in Nuorgam

28. January 2022 | 4 min read

Nuorgam is a village in Lapland, Finland, housing a population of approximately 200 people. It is also the northernmost point in the European Union, located just 500 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Last spring, a leak in Nuorgam’s water reservoir was discovered contaminating the drinking water. Local water services provider Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy and their contractor Slatek Oy joined forces with Pipelife Finland to design a solution for replacing the outdated reservoir.

Outdated Infrastructure Poses Health Risks

The previously installed Nuorgam’s potable water reservoir reached the end of its service in the spring of 2021 when a leak was detected. Water infiltrating into the well contaminated the drinking water, and for several weeks, Nuorgam’s inhabitants were requested to boil their water for consumption.

As safe drinking water is crucial for human health, the schedule to resolve the issue was tight. Due to several outdated structures, it was decided to replace the entire reservoir system. Modern limestone filtration and UV disinfection systems were also integrated into the new reservoir to improve drinking water quality and minimize contamination risks in the future.

Pipelife was responsible for the design and production of the new water alkalization plant according to the customer specifications.

“We chose Pipelife as the supplier because we wanted everything to run as reliably and smoothly as possible,” explains Paulus Lepistö, CEO of Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy.

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Resolving Issues with a Tailor-Made Solution

A broad range of expertise in water supply was required in the project. Pipelife Finland’s sales, design and production teams worked closely together with both Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy and Slatek Oy to overcome the complex obstacles this project posed.

The varied terrain with surface elevations and drops posed a challenge to have equal water pressure in the area. Pipelife designed and provided a pressure reduction valve to ensure that the pressure in Nuorgam always stays within set limits.

“We had to consider how we could guarantee the water supply of Nuorgam village while making sure that the water level in the well does not drop below critical point in the times of high consumption,” Lepistö remembers.

Furthermore, various factors had to be considered already during the design phase, like selecting top-quality materials certified for potable water applications. The remote location did not ease matters either, as extra care had to be taken to ensure that all products were supplied on schedule.

“Our logistics professionals planned transport so that all products were delivered at the same time. This was a time-saving and ecological solution, as we did not need to drive back and forth many times over,” comments Onni Töyrylä, project manager of water services at Pipelife.

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Overcoming Challenges in Close Cooperation

Slatek Oy was a contractor responsible for setting up the power and automation systems of the new reservoir. The main switchboard and an automation system were installed. Pipelife designed the tank, working closely together with Slatek Oy to ensure that the required electronic components can be easily installed and accessed in the future.

“The project went well, especially considering its multifaceted and complicated nature, requiring cooperation between various parties. Through cooperation, we were able to overcome all challenges, resulting in a solution that meets the customer’s needs,” says Joni Vihanta, product manager of water services at Pipelife.

Team working in Nuorgam | Pipelife

Safe Water Supply Restored

Despite its complexity, the challenging project was completed on time. The close cooperation between the three companies allowed creating a tailored solution promptly and efficiently. Having a total capacity of 30 m3, the new reservoir now ensures a safe and modern water supply for Nuorgam’s community.

“I am truly happy with the result. I would recommend Pipelife for projects where you have to start from scratch, and where problems have to be met with inventiveness and new solutions,” concludes Lepistö.

Pipelife's team working in Nuorgam | Pipelife

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