Pipelife Norway Develops an Electrical Wall Box for the Nordic Market

28. January 2022 | 3 min read

The recently launched Powerline wall box has been designed to complement Pipelife’s already existing range of electrical conduit systems, offering a complete solution for the Nordic countries. After extensive market research, consultations with electricians and thorough development and testing, it is safe to say that the new product will make electrical installations faster, easier and more convenient.

Two electricians standing next to a wall with several Powerline wall boxes installed | Pipelife

Designed to Meet Regional Preferences

Available in two sizes for single and double sockets, the new Powerline wall box is not only larger than most models available on the market but also easier to use. It features 12 inputs — three on each side — for 16 mm and 20 mm conduits. Inserting a conduit has also been simplified, as the installer can simply press down the sealing tab with a screwdriver.

While Pipelife already has several electrical wall boxes, none of them until now has been designed for the Northern European market, where wood is more commonly used in construction than concrete. Unlike concrete walls, wood-frame buildings offer plenty of space for electrical installations. Therefore, electricians in Nordic countries prefer and are used to working with larger wall boxes compared to the rest of Europe.

Two Powerline wall boxes connected together | Pipelife
Powerline wall box attached to a wooden frame | Pipelife

A Wall Box Created by Electricians for Electricians

To develop the new wall box, Pipelife Norway consulted with local electricians asking their opinion on the already available products.

“We got the wall boxes available on the market and asked electricians what they liked about them and what they didn’t. An electrician typically installs 20-30 wall boxes per day, so they have a very good idea of what these products should look like. And we had our own ideas, so we wanted to see how they work together,” explains John Oye, the product manager of Pipelife Norway.

Easier installation was among the most common requests and was a key consideration when designing the new wall box. Most of the currently available products come with metal studs that are not optimal for wood frames as they have to be knocked into the wood. With Powerline, electricians can choose whether to use studs or screws, giving them more options on how to secure the box.

Furthermore, Powerline wall boxes can be easily connected. Due to their detachable sidewalls, no additional connectors are needed. Such a design is very convenient when setting up installations for modern buildings that need extra space inside the wall box for automation components, or that will require a lot of devices and wiring for multimedia solutions.

“With our box, you can simply take out a sidewall and connect it with the next box, like LEGO blocks to create all the space you need to work with. It is a completely new design that will save a lot of time during installation,” comments Oye.

John Oye demonstrating the new Powerline electrical wall box | Pipelife
John Oye demonstrating the new Powerline electrical wall box

Collaboration for Better Solutions

To create the new wall box, Pipelife Norway worked together with Pipelife’s R&D department as well as Pipelife’s acquisition Preflex — which already produces several wall box models. All three businesses collaborated closely during the design and testing phases to come up with a solution that would be easy to use and install while remaining cost-effective in a competitive market.

The Powerline wall box was also designed with the goal to complete Pipelife’s already existing, comprehensive range of electrical systems.

“If you have just pre-wired conduits, you cannot sell the complete system in the wall. But if you have a good wall box and a piping system, you get a competitive advantage in the market. Every electrician has an opinion about wall boxes; therefore, it’s an important product for the bigger picture,” explains Oye.

The new product was launched in Norway in April. If successful, it will be rolled out to other markets in the future.

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