Growing Green: Pipelife Poland's Journey to Maximize Biodiversity

31. May 2023 | 7 min read

When Pipelife started building its new warehouse in Kartoszyno in 2021, the timing coincided with the groupwide rollout of Wienerberger's Biodiversity Action Program. Pipelife Poland's team was excited to embrace the opportunities of the new program and use its guidelines to revitalize and expand the green areas surrounding the production site. The Kartoszyno plant is one of the largest injection and welding centers in the country, and now it might have become the greenest one as well.

Poland site | Pipelife

From Data to Action: Greening the Doorway

As per the group's Biodiversity Action Program, the first step for each Pipelife production site was to create a local biodiversity action plan. Based on the data obtained in the initial monitoring, the Pipelife Poland team worked together with experts to develop a multistep project to maximize the biodiversity in the areas surrounding the Kartoszyno plant.

Kamila Dolistowska, Marketing Specialist at Pipelife Poland, took the role of the local Biodiversity Ambassador, managing and coordinating the many green changes ahead.

"The opportunity to participate in a Pipelife project that addresses some of the sustainability concerns in the immediate area felt like a true calling," she recalls. "Contact with nature has always been very important to me, just like minimizing the human impact on ecosystems."

Poland venue | Pipelife

Today, the result of the transformation at Kartoszyno is visible even from afar. The front of the newly built warehouse is adorned with diverse plants, representing the native species that provide food and shelter for insects and birds.

Michał Mierzejewski, Marketing and Communications Manager at Pipelife Poland, highlights the importance of the actions implemented: "The subject of biodiversity is currently extremely important and is part of Pipelife's ESG strategy. I'm proud that we are well ahead in this regard."

Wildflowers | Pipelife

An Innovative Approach to Sustainable Design

A 120-m2 green wall that will be completed this summer is likely to become the most eye-catching biodiversity project at Kartoszyno. The impressive construction will offer shelter to various species of local fauna while protecting the warehouse building from excessive heat.

"The landscape architecture here is designed to work in harmony with the local ecosystem, and the beautiful green wall will be friendly for birds, small animals and insects," says Agata Niklas, Export Manager at Pipelife Poland.

The range of plants for the wall was selected considering the local climate conditions and to ensure the facade would stay green throughout the year. Furthermore, the species picked include several aromatic herbs that will create a pleasant and relaxing olfactory environment. 

Wildflower field next to Pipelife production site in Poland | Pipelife

Blooming With Life

Meanwhile, the land along the western border of the Kartoszyno production site has been reborn as a bustling flower meadow. Last year, the local team sowed a mixture of wildflower seeds in the 1300-square-meter plot, creating a visually appealing and diverse habitat. The meadow is not mowed during the entire growing season, allowing the flowers to go through their natural growth cycle and supporting the local species of pollinating insects, small birds and rodents.

Pipelife Poland has also been taking care of the mature trees and shrubs next to the plant by contracting arborists who carry out careful pruning and inspections for any infections or pests. Several bird feeders have been placed here, creating a spot for birdwatching.

Mateusz Dybiec, Pipelife Poland's Product Manager, is one of the many employees fond of the revitalized area: "Even a short walk outside allows you to calm down and collect thoughts before returning to your duties. Many of us take advantage of this opportunity during our breaks. In addition, we can familiarize ourselves with various species of plants and even spot some small animals."

Bird house | Pipelife

A Focus on Aquatic Life

The last but not least part of the biodiversity project entailed revitalizing the pond next to the plant. The water reservoir had been dug in the early nineties by the land's previous owner. 

Biodiversity pond  | Pipelife

Now, the pond has been cleaned and deepened to create optimal living conditions for aquatic plants and fish, while a shallower beach area was set up for local amphibians like newts and frogs. Fruit-bearing shrubs, such as dogwood, were planted nearby to provide food for local birds during autumn and winter.

The artificial island in the middle of the pond has become a beloved relaxation zone for Pipelife's employees. Here, they can observe various forms of wildlife thanks to birdhouses and insect hotels installed, as well as herbs and fruit bushes growing along the path that leads to the island.

A toad next to Pipelife Poland venue | Pipelife

Every Green Step Matters

Alongside decarbonization and circular economy, biodiversity is one of the pillars of the Wienerberger sustainability program. The numerous actions carried out in the local production sites, such as Kartoszyno, are integral to achieving the Group's ESG goals.

Even after fully implementing the local action plan, achieving the maximum biodiversity potential of flora and fauna takes time. Therefore, the effectiveness of all applied steps will be measured by regular biodiversity monitoring performed three times every year.

Nevertheless, the positive effects at Kartoszyno are already noticeable and appreciated by everyone, says Kamila.

"We wanted to show that our production processes and the functioning of our plant do not adversely affect the natural environment around us — it is the opposite! By implementing various biodiversity initiatives, we have created a place welcoming to local plants, animals and, of course, the employees of Pipelife Poland."

Alongside circular economy and climate protection, biodiversity is integral to Pipelife’s self-imposed ESG goals and sustainability strategy. As part of the Wienerberger group, Pipelife has been participating in the corporate Biodiversity Program since its beginning in 2021. The program envisions a tailored Biodiversity Action Plan set up and implemented at all Pipelife production sites.

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