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Building Service Systems for Entire Residential Complex

05. August 2021 | 3 min read

Petschl Street in Perg, Upper Austria, will soon be home to a new state-of-the-art residential complex. Comprising four blocks with a total of 70 apartments, the sizable building is expected to be completed by late-2021. To get the job done, installation company Steininger is relying on the expansive range of building technology solutions from Pipelife.

The company thereby sets on top quality products from a single source. All products are reliably delivered via the Pipelife Austria branch in Linz.

Buildings service system Perg

“The client has opted for a combination of Pipelife building service systems for their residential building in Perg. Thanks to our wide range of products, we’re perfectly positioned to cater complete service systems to our customers’ needs. Be it for wastewater discharge, water supply, or heating, it’s all from one source. This is not only exciting for us but also very practical for our customers,” Markus Stross, Sales Representative Pipelife Austria supervising the project.


Solid sound insulation is key in residential builds. Therefore, Steininger chose the well-proven Master 3 Plus soil and waste system for wastewater disposal. The sophisticated 3-layer pipe system, which was also used for the building’s drainage, is particularly durable and boasts excellent sound-absorbing properties. The range includes an array of fittings to suit every application.


The RADOPRESS multilayer composite pipe system ensures a reliable supply of both hot and cold water. Not only has it been tested in accordance with Austria’s ÖNORM and ÖVGW standards, but it has also received the "ÜA-mark" in March 2021. Thanks to the innovative Radopress press-fittings, professionals have peace of mind regarding fault-free installation: Unpressed and therefore leaking connections are immediately uncovered during the pressure test.


The future residents on Petschl Street can look forward to an efficient underfloor heating system that will ensure pleasant indoor temperatures. In total, 4,920m² of underfloor heating is being laid on site. A multilayer composite pipe is installed along with the tried-and-tested System-Roll Plus insulation sheets which significantly simplify installation thanks to its imprinted 5 cm grid.


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Buildings service system Perg


C-Press, a state-of-the-art system made of high-quality carbon steel, will ensure the heating pipes in the residential complex in Perg are reliably tight. The innovative system impresses with its notably easy installation and uses “leak before press” connections. Any unpressed connections are immediately visible thanks to red pressing indicators on the fittings. 


The building service systems offered by Pipelife Austria encompass a wide range of reliable, high-quality products, spanning from water and waste solutions to heating and cooling systems.

“From Pipelife we get all the products we need for the complete building service installation. We’ve successfully implemented many projects with this company’s products and services for years now, so they were the obvious choice when planning the project in Petschlgasse,"
​​​​​​​says Mr. Steininger.

Construction overview

Installation period

March 2021 to late-2021
Property developer WSG
Construction company/ General contractor  Krückl Bau, Perg
Installation company Steininger, Pregarten
Supervising  Pipelife Sales Representative  Markus Stross

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