Platinum Standard Building Technology - Wienerberger Haus in Vienna

14. August 2019 | 3 min read

A very modern building complex is currently under construction at Wienerberg in Vienna, that combines sustainability, design and state-of-the-art building technology. Pipelife International and Pipelife Austria headquarters will also move into the new Wienerberger Haus from spring 2020. The façade made of red colored Wienerberger clinker is striking from an architectural point of view, but inside the building there is also a lot of technology from the Wienerberger Group. Piping systems from Pipelife are used from the technical service systems through electrical installation to irrigation.

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End Consumer:
Wienerberger Group, Pipelife International and Pipelife Autria


  • Hot and cold water supply systems - RADOPRESS multilayer composite pipes
  • Heating distribution pipe systems - C-Pipes
  • Soil and waste pipe systems - MASTER 3 PLUS
  • Irrigation system

Couldn't be better in terms of sustainability – DGNB Platinum Certificate

Wienerberger Haus is built according to DGNB Platinum Certificate specifications and certified by ÖGNI. This means that the resources used, the life-cycle cost, the technical quality but also factors such as comfort, lighting or air quality are closely examined and strict criteria in these areas must be met. Under these conditions, planning the technical building service systems for the ten storey building was not an easy task.

Installation of building service systems

The technical building systems were planned and implemented using the latest state-of-the-art technology. The entire building is kept at a basic temperature close to the surface by active components in all intermediate ceilings. Radiators and fan coils ensure peak performance for heating and cooling.

All installations were carried out in double floors, via which fresh air is also supplied to all rooms. Adjustable air valves in the floor allow individual adjustments to be made in each room. The outgoing air is led through the ceilings in the corridor area. In total, 14,000 meters of C-Press pipes, 5000 meters of Master 3 PLUS soil and waste pipes and 13,000 meters of Radopress pipes and fittings were installed throughout the building complex.

RADOPRESS multilayer composite pipes – for long-term operational safety

The cold and hot water system as well as part of the heating installation was carried out with the RADOPRESS multilayer composite pipe system from Pipelife. All pipes and fittings are designed for a minimum service life of 50 years.

RADOPRESS pipes combine the beneficial material properties of polyethylene with those of aluminum and, in this way, guarantee highest possible operational safety. The RADOPRESS fittings in the dimensions OD 16 to OD 40 "leak when unpressed". This means that if a connection was accidentally not pressed, this can be clearly identified during the pressure test (even at a low test-pressure) and therefore ensures a higher level of safety.

MASTER 3 PLUS soil and waste system ensures excellent sound insulation

For multi-storey buildings, good sound insulation for soil and waste pipes is important. MASTER 3 PLUS is the perfect solution. The system's new fittings have a greater wall thickness and are on average 60% heavier. This results in a higher stiffness class (SN4) as well as excellent sound insulation properties.

Timesaving mounting technology for electrical installations

Pipelife also supplied the materials for the electrical installations, such as rod pipes, flexible installation pipes with an inner sliding layer and mounting technology. Finally, Pipelife supplied even a reliable irrigation system that covers the water supply of the plant troughs on the façade as well as the green areas around the building.

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