Hungary: In Control of Living Comfort

09. May 2020 | 4 min read

In building construction, contractors are sometimes confronted with challenges in finding appropriate product solutions that meet clients' expectations. Párizsi Udvar, a top-quality mixed complex on 6540 m², is an excellent example how supplier service, proximity and flexibility from start can help overcome such challenges adding to project success. 

Reference Details

Kontent Kft.

Contres Kft.


Wet underfloor Heating System: Floortherm
  • Radopress Watt floor heating pipes PLUFH16x2PERT-400
  • 1" Stainless steel manifold 2-12 connections
  • Tailored control wall units combining underfloor heating and fan coil cooling
  • Eurocones fitting connecting to manifolds
Fan Coil Piping System: Radopress
  • Radopress PEX-AL-PEX Ø 16mm-Ø 40mm
  • Total lenght of pipes installed: 6000
  • Installation method: under screed
Soil and Waste System: Master 3, KAPVC
  • PP Master 3, PVC Ø 40-160mm; SN2-4
  • Total length of pipes installed: 3000 m
  • Installation method: Floor, wall, free


A High-Quality Building Project

Párizsi Udvar, a high-quality complex accommodating a total of 109 apartments, offices and shops, is being built nearby the city center of Debrecen in Hungary. While its façade is a charming mix of modern and original eclectic design, its interior construction provides purely modern comfort. The top-quality complex is an upgrade for the area and an equal amount of attention was given to the interior as to its exterior.

The construction works for the building commenced in 2015 and are continued through 2019. As one of the main suppliers, Pipelife has been involved in the project right from the start, from design phase on. This was important, as it allowed for Pipelife to draw up the best suitable solutions for the project.

In this project these concerned:

  • Combined control system for underfloor heating and fan coil cooling
  • Underfloor heating
  • Fan coil cooling
  • Silent soil and waste discharge

Solution 1: Combined Control over Floor Heating and Fan Coil Cooling

In the contractor's effort to respond to clients' needs, expectations and wishes, the company encountered a common challenge: Finding a user-friendly wall device that takes care of optimal indoor climate throughout all seasons.

Customers don't want to see two separate devices on their wall. They prefer one that does everything.

Zoltán Szuszik, Project Manager at Kontent Kft., describes the situation: "What we were looking for was a room thermostat that controls underfloor heating as well as the fan coil unit at three different speeds. Customers just don't want to see two separate devices on their wall. They want one that does both jobs. And this is difficult to find on the market."

Together with local partner Micont Kft., Pipelife developed and provided a solution that matched exactly these demands. The devices that have been installed during the first phase of the building project have already been in service for four years: "The LCD wall units that Pipelife supplied have been working smoothly for four years now and to the great satisfaction of the home owners." Says Szuszik.

In total, around 67 km Floortherm Radopress Watt and 6 km multi-layer Radopress pex-al-pex piping have been installed so far for the floor heating and fan coil circuits.

Solution 2: More Comfort with Silent Soil and Waste Discharge Systems

"In high quality buildings such as these we usually opt for quiet soil and waste pipe systems."

Since the investor, Contres Kft. wanted to ensure high quality on all levels, the choice of soil and waste pipe system played an equally important role. "In high quality buildings like this we usually opt for quiet soil and waste pipe systems. It's important to consider noise level. It really makes a big difference in comfort, especially to home owners."

Pipelife's sound absorbing Master 3 Pipe System presented a perfect match. It has earned its years of reputation amongst professionals for good reasons: Each of the products' three layers has its inherent characteristics and together they add up to a sturdy, quiet system with optimal hydraulics, and easy handling.

If it were for Kontent Project Manager Szuszik to decide, he would see many more building projects using Master 3: "Personally, I prefer the quiet Master 3 system, but in lots of buildings we are still using PVC." Apart from the big benefit of increased living comfort, the polypropylene system has also lots to offer to installers. That it can be installed at minus temperatures, for instance, is one.

Final Construction Stage

Looking back on the successful implementation of heating, cooling as well as soil and waste discharge, Kontent and Pipelife are now looking forward to the final stage of the construction project. Further underfloor heating, ceiling heating and cooling systems are currently being designed.

As only local producer of multi-layer Radopress hot and cold systems, Kontent can expect continued flexibility, short deliveries times and minimum quantities of products kept on stock.

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