Pipelife Supporting “One Planet Living” in Finland

01. April 2021 | 3 min read

Kangas is one of the first two Finnish areas designed to the principles of "One Planet Living". Coined in 2003 by Bioregional, a charity and social enterprise, the concept of One Planet Living aims to create places to live, work and do business where people enjoy happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of our planet.

Pipelife Finland is proud to be supporting this important city development project providing for sustainable and safe water supply, sewage, and stormwater solutions. As local supplier, Pipelife provides the close collaboration and flexibility necessary for smooth implementation.

A new district is born

Jyväskylä, the seventh largest city in Finland is building a new district: Kangas is currently the city’s most important urban development project and will be a smart city area with a completely new living ecosystem. In the future more then 5.000 inhabitants will live there. Over the years, Pipelife has supplied the project with product systems and solutions for the construction and renovation of water supply, sewage and stormwater networks – all tailored to special requirements when necessary.

With stringent self-assigned sustainability goals in production and product development Pipelife represents the perfect cooperation partner for helping to meet many of the principles of One Planet Living: 

  • Equity and local economy
  • Land and nature
  • Sustainable water
  • Materials and products
  • Zero waste
  • Zero carbon energy
Pipelife Storm Water Pragma Pipes Kangas
The customized stormwater gullies were produced 2200 mm in diameter, which is quite unusual for the size.
Pipelife Storm Water Pragma Pipes Kangas
Based on a quarter century of experience and know-how Pipelife Finland provides XL custom made chambers up 2390 mm

Tailor-made to meet specifications

Special requirements were specified in the contract documents, e.g. all pipes on site have to be produced with a stiffness class of SN 8 and the gully structure has been built to accommodate 40 tonnes traffic load. The customized stormwater gullies were produced 2200 mm in diameter, which is quite unusual for the size.

Smooth installation

Since the stormwater line, which is currently under construction, is at the lowest point of the area continuous drainage has to be ensured for its safe installation Pragma pipes 1,000 and 688 mm in diameter ensure a safe and controlled flow into the Tourujoki River. “This is our first site with this particular product - 1,000 mm Pragma stormwater pipes that will also serve as rainwater retention tanks in future. So far, installation works have run smoothly”, says, Building Engineer Tommi Soikkeli project manager for the City of Jyväskylä.

Pipelife Storm Water Pragma Pipes Kangas
Lowering an XL custom made chamber into place

An effective cooperation

Pipelife’s products have been delivered to the site directly from the Jyväskylä plant located only around 6.5 km from Kangas construction site. This sped up deliveries considerably, saving on time as well as emissions, and ensuring flexibility on site.

“The Kangas city development project is exciting and challenging. Several project parties are required to work in close cooperation with each other.  Collaboration and flexibility are therefore mandatory.  The cooperation with Pipelife runs smoothly and we can always count on excellent service”, explains Building Engineer Tommi Soikkeli, project manager for the City of Jyväskylä.

Background information

The area of the old Kangas paper mill has a long history. The mill started up in 1872 and continued to operate until 2010, after which the comprehensive development of the area began. The area spans more than 30 hectares and is expected to be completed by 2040. Residential as well as commercial properties will provide sustainable living for more than 5,000 inhabitants.
Pipelife Storm Water Pragma Pipes Kangas
An excavator lowers a Pragma pipe serving as huge stormwater retention tank, into the trench.

For further information on the project:

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Lasse Varjo



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