Smart probe - a future-proof gamechanger

27. August 2020 | 2 min read

The health and wellbeing of millions of people depend on the reliable supply of safe drinking water – this is a heavy responsibility water utilities bear. Monitoring water quality and network functionality in potable water supply networks is therefore nothing new. In fact, there are plenty of sensors on the market. However, due to site constraints or missing possibilities for power supply, currently available products cannot be placed densely enough along a network, which means water utilities are confronted with areas which are not sufficiently monitored. Water leakages as well as fluctuations in water quality may be discovered with considerable delay. This is about to change.



Due to the fact, that today's water and network monitoring systems are difficult to place in water networks, they can only for a part ensure that water reaches consumers with impeccable quality and avoid water losses.

This is about to change with Pipelife's groundbreaking development of Smart Probe. Unlike other products, this modular solution is fitted directly into the potable water piping system. It can be installed at any point of a waterline allowing dense monitoring and data acquisition without cutting off water supply and without risking water to be contaminated.


Apart from increasing data acquisition density and accuracy of analyses, Smart Probe offers water utilities a sustainable, future-proof solution following the plug and play principle.The power network independent system consists of a switchboard and a cartridge accommodating multiple sensors that can be accessed anytime from ground level for exchange or maintenance.

"Changes in how and what is to be monitored, and especially changes in sensor technology happen over time. It is impossible to anticipate requirements 10 or even 5 years ahead. Working very closely with water utilities we realized that we needed to come up with a flexible solution that accommodates future needs", says Han Nguyen, Product Manager at Pipelife Netherlands and adds, "With our smart probing system there is no need for utilities to install a complete new system. It's enough to just add or exchange a sensor which is a matter of minutes. No digging is required."

The plug and play function makes Smart Probe future-proof and provides water utilities a truly sustainable, long-term solution.


Several pilot installations are already successfully running in the Netherlands and water utilities are closely following the development of this potential gamechanger with great interest."Our Smart Probing Solution is one of our latest smart product innovations. It delivers comprehensive versus currently punctual data and is paving the way to deep learning. Water utilities are put into full control enabling them to bring network and water quality to the next level. But not only will water utilities be able to learn and offer their customers better services, also Pipelife will be able to optimize its product and service solutions to suit individual market needs", says Harald Schwarzmayr, CEO of Pipelife.

Interested in more details or in running a pilot in your network?

Smart Probe is not available on the market just yet, but it is available for pilot projects. In fact, 3 pilots are running successfully for some time now.

If you are interested in being one of the first to try out Smart Probe and actively influence the development of a very promising smart monitoring and probing system, now is your chance

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