Ship towing LLLD HDPE Pipes

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Submarine Pipelines

Drawing on decades of experience in marine applications, we have the unique ability to design, produce, deliver and accompany the installation of small to large diameter PE pipes almost all over the world. Depending on the required diameter, our piping systems can be seamlessly extruded up 2.5 km in length. Read on to find out your advantages.

What you can expect from using our long length PE Pipes

  • Solid wall, seamless production
  • Little to no welding work
  • Minimized risk of joint failures 
  • Lower transportation costs, less environmental impact
  • Substantial time and cost savings for the contractor (e.g. no land based site and storage area necessary)
  • Lower risk for damages during handling, transport and storage

Benefits you get from our 25+ years of experience

  • Solid marine application and pipe calculation know-how
  • Deep market knowledge
  • Close co-operation with most important marine pipe consultants 
  • Marine pipe specialists for every main market

Engineering support for your marine projects

We have developed a wealth of specialist knowledge by collaborating with the world's best consultants and engineers, to provide complete system solutions with extensive resources at hand.

From engineering and general technical advice to designers, consultants, marine contractors and EPC contractors, you can rest assured that we will find the most viable solutions for your specific project requirements.

PIP_NLE_Water_Waterleiding Almere

News and Projects

Three 350-m-long, large diameter HDPE Pipes travel the Atlantic to be sunk in the Caribbean

Three 350-meter-long, solid wall, LLLD (long length large diameter) Pipes travelled all the way from Norway over the Atlantic Ocean to Punta Catalina power station in the Dominican Republic, where they serve as cooling water lines.

Jun 12, 2019 | 5 min read

Pipelife World Record HDPE Pipe Delivery

A Greek pipedream come true: Pipelife connects Aegina Island to mainland water supply

Up to -94 meters below sea level, a 14.8-km-long underwater PE 100 Potable Water Pipe will finally connect Aegina Island to EYDAP public water supply network via Salamina.

May 28, 2020 | 3.5 min read

Aegina potable water supply solution

New World Record HDPE Pipe Delivery to Malaysia

Pipelife has set a world record after towing over 3.3 kilometers of pipe from Stathelle, Norway, to Malaysia. The long length large diameter (LLLD) HDPE pipe delivery to a major power project was towed for unrivalled 27,720 kilometers. 

April 04, 2020 | 2.5 min read


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