Hydronic Prefab Project Pipelife Hungary  | Pipelife

Prefab Heating and Cooling Solution for a Residential Complex in Hungary

23. September 2021 | 3 min read

To ensure comfortable, economical, and eco-friendly heating and cooling of the new apartment complex Lellemarine Resort in the heart of Balatonlelle, Hungary, Pipelife provided 1150 m2 of prefabricated hydronic heating and cooling panels. This so-far biggest project for Pipelife Hungary 2021 underlines the benefits of prefabricated solutions for the construction sector and much as the rising need for economical and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions.

The large-scale Lellemarine project includes the construction of three apartment blocks, hosting 109 apartments in total. The project was divided into three phases, one for each building. The design of the first phase started in 2018. Today, the project is in its final phase with the third apartment building under construction.  

Pipelife Hungary was involved in the project from the very beginning. Since the construction company opted for a prefabricated heating and cooling solution, it was important to involve Pipelife already in the design phase planning and mapping out the heating and cooling system in the buildings.

from careful planning to quick delivery

According to Lajos Szarka-Pager, In-house Consultant Engineer Pipelife Hungary, the design phase was as important as it was challenging. “Changes in design and planning are nothing unusual in building development”, says Szarka-Pager, “Sárdi Norbert, the responsible designer from the building design company Kipterv Kft. mastered required changes in the planning process with great flexibility and adapted our system layout accordingly. For instance, one change required a full redesign of floor installations. We support the designer in these cases to ensure that the plan is error-free for flawless installation and use.”  

After the planning phase was successfully completed, the production went to full speed to ensure quick and organized delivery. Logistics were scheduled carefully, considering other trades on-site as well as time slots specified for deliveries and installation. “Cooperation and impeccable coordination are the nuts and bolts for construction projects of this size to run smoothly”, explains Szarka-Pager, “At one point, we had 5 trucks with a special vertical holder in which the prefabricated panels are hanging ready on the spot to be installed.”

Hydronic Prefab Project Pipelife Hungary  | Pipelife
Hydronic Prefab Project Pipelife Hungary  | Pipelife

Time, Costs and Safety: Three Benefits with One Solution

Aside from the successful planning, production, and delivery of Pipelife’s products, the construction company Green Energy Kft. benefited from prefabrication. Compared to standard hydronic heating and cooling piping systems, the prefab panels were installed 4-5 times faster. The significant time saving resulted in a fast and economical installation.  

What makes Pipelife prefabricated hydronic heating and cooling panels stand out from other products are the multilayer PERT/AL/PERT DN 16 pipes. The advantage of the piping’s aluminum layer and comparably large-diameter many professionals appreciate is the relatively higher power outcome.  

Last but not least the prefab heating and cooling panels by Pipelife also score regarding fault-free installation: The steel mesh designed to hold the pre-assembled pipes eliminates the risk of pipes being squashed by the concrete slabs that are subsequently laid. On top, the 1 cm spacing between the piping and formwork shutter during installation makes the system step-weight resistant, meaning that the installers don’t have to worry about damaging the pipes when walking over the static steel mesh during installation work.

More Comfortable and Sustainable Living

While installers benefit from safer and faster installation, future residents will enjoy all the advantages radiant hydronic heating and cooling systems provide. 

Comfortable and equally distributed temperatures are guaranteed throughout all seasons and at comparably low running costs. Less energy is needed than for conventional heating systems (radiator or fan coil), saving around 15% energy, and air conditioning to achieve the same perceived room temperatures and improved air quality (less dust and “dry air”). This translates into lower running costs but also reduces energy-related CO2 emissions.

Hydronic Prefab Project Pipelife Hungary  | Pipelife

Project Outlook 

From the design to the delivery of 1150 m2 of the customized SLAB-16 heating and cooling panels, Pipelife Hungary successfully completed their part in the construction of the Lellemarine residential buildings. The project nicely demonstrated the benefits of Pipelife’s prefabricated and pre-assembled systems that speed up construction thanks to off-site installation. In its final stages, Lellemarine Resort is planned to open its doors to its future residents in 2022.


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