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Ready-To-Install: Wastewater Treatment and Metering Solutions

30. September 2021 | 3 min read

With pressure on the construction sector continuously growing, companies are seeking more compact and practical, ready-to-install solutions. Proof of quality compliance, quick installation, cost-efficiency, and a good environmental balance is what every small business owner or private investor wishes for. Pipelife Bulgaria’s prefabricated and preassembled systems for wastewater treatment, grease separation, and metering check all the boxes.

Ready-to-install Automatized Grease Separation

Sewage coming from e.g. meat-processing plants, dairy farms, and restaurants contain high concentrations of fat, and cannot be directly discharged into the public wastewater network. In soil and waste networks of buildings, fat builds up in the piping creating bad odor, clogging the system, and harming the pipe due to corrosive fatty acids. Downstream, excessive concentrations of fat can clog the network or even keep local treatment plants from functioning correctly.

Pipelife Bulgaria’s pre-assembled grease separator “FATBOX” proved to be the ideal solution for the newly built canning factory Diavena in Shumen, Bulgaria. The system convinced the factory owner with its simple construction yet large capacity which is easy to clean and ensures a long service life. And because assembly had been done off-site, it was delivered to the construction site ready to install, saving the installer a significant amount of time. Also, running costs are minimal: Only 2 to 3 inspections a year are required to ensure a flawless service life of the FATBOX system.

Furthermore, Pipelife Bulgaria also offers fully automatized cleaning systems that save on manual work and minimizes maintenance.

Wastewater Treatment Solution  | Pipelife

Excellent Return on Investment for Homeowners

Another pre-assembled solution that especially private homeowners favor for its simple installation and maintenance is the compact wastewater treatment plant ECOBOX. Even though standard tanks require little investment, ECOBOX quickly scores with much lower cleaning and maintenance costs providing owners with an excellent return on investment. Classic tanks need to be cleaned up to 20 to 30 times per year at costs depending on the property’s location, whereas ECOBOX only needs to be cleaned 1 to 3 times a year.

On the outskirts of Sofia, building company SP-90-Ventsislav Petrov-Toni Petrov ET is installing the soil and waste systems in a family house, including also the ECOBOX for independent water treatment. Off-site assembly saved the installer a significant amount of time. The simplified installation also eliminated the need for skilled workers on-site. This and the free assembly plan offered by Pipelife Bulgaria further reduced costs.

"Everything ran smoothly! The installation plan was prepared by Pipelife, so the installation of the modules went easy and fast. As all the pipes and fittings in this project come from one supplier, we are just connecting components of a matching system, there is no gap in the quality”, describes one of the installers on-site.

Besides all installation benefits, the wastewater treatment system meets local as well as European standards and ensures water purification of 98%. This means that the treated water can be reused for irrigation, a great advantage for investors or homeowners with green space, and a perfect way to save on valuable drinking water resources – advantages the investor was looking forward to.

"The fact that I can reuse purified water to irrigate green areas is a huge plus for me. Because apart from having a comfortable home, being able to enjoy time outdoors in the yard is another thing that brings the family together," shares the investor.

wastewater treatment solution ECOBOX  | Pipelife

Pre-assembled metering manholes for better accessibility

Connecting soil and waste systems of a new building to the public water supply network can be challenging business, especially when metering equipment is required. Apart from manhole installation taking up considerable space in the green areas, water metering equipment is difficult to access for future maintenance works. Pipelife Bulgaria offers a plug-and-play solution to rid such issues. Measuring and control devices and other components necessary to local standards are placed as high as possible in the shaft for better accessibility. Once installed, only a black cover will remain visible on the lawn.

To speed up and simplify the connection and metering of a new building on the outskirts of Sofia, Bulgaria, to the public sewerage, construction company SP-90-Ventsislav Petrov-Toni Petrov ET opted for Pipelife’s prefabricated water meter manhole.

„The prefabricated water meter manhole ensured a fast installation in accordance with all requirements. We also didn’t need any additional materials or space for building a concrete shaft to place the water metering equipment into,” says one of the construction workers on-site.

metering solution | Pipelife
metering solution | Pipelife

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