Pipelife’s Stormwater Management Systems Are Gaining Popularity in Latvia

28. January 2022 | 5 min read

Due to shifting climate patterns and the increasingly frequent and intense precipitation periods, countries throughout Europe have been seeking ways to prevent flooding and the damage it might cause. Urbanized areas where natural infiltration is reduced due to soil sealing are especially vulnerable. Pipelife’s stormwater attenuation and soakaway crates Stormbox II have been increasingly used to minimize flooding risks in state-of-the-art venues in Riga, Latvia. Two recent projects are Mežaparks Open-Air Stage and Daugava Stadium hockey arena.

The facade of Daugava stadium hockey arena | Pipelife

Drawbacks of Traditional Stormwater Management Approaches

The most common methods for rainwater management in Latvia still involve directing the precipitation directly into stormwater drainage or combined sewer systems. This causes an additional load to the treatment stations, decreasing their efficiency and increasing the operating expenses. If rainwater is directed into sewage systems, larger-diameter pipes are also needed, which means higher installation costs.

Furthermore, these systems were not constructed with climate change in mind, and, during heavy rainfalls, they may be overflown. If this happens, the excess stormwater and, in case of combined systems, sewage can pollute water bodies and the soil.

Attenuation and Soakaway Crates: A Modern Solution for Stormwater Management

Stormwater management systems work by collecting rainwater from roofs or surfaces above the ground, filtering and directing it into a system of retention system underground. From there, the water can be infiltrated into the soil or stored for later use. Such a system not only significantly reduces the possibility of flooding in the respective area but also helps save on water resources and restore the natural water cycle.

Pipelife’s Raineo Stormbox II has become one of the most popular stormwater attenuation and soakaway crate systems in Latvia. Stormboxes are produced from certified polypropylene (PP-B). The material is fully recyclable and boasts more than 50 years of service life. Each Stormbox II has dimensions of 1.2 x 0.6 x 0.6 meters and a capacity of 432 liters.

Due to their modular design and the fact that they require no clips, Stormbox II installation is fast and easy. The crates can be arranged in several layers and can be cut in half to achieve any required size. All components required for installation, including geotextile, membranes and adapters are delivered together as one complete system.

Because of these qualities, Pipelife Latvia clients have been opting for Stormbox II in several large-scale projects, including Daugava Stadium hockey arena and Mežaparks Open-Air Stage.

Putting together Stormbox II system | Pipelife
Stormbox II retention crates being installed in Mezaparks | Pipelife

Best-in-Class Rainwater Collection for the Largest Open-Air Stage in Latvia

Mežaparks Open-Air Stage is among the most important cultural venues in the country and the scene of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. Included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list, the grandiose event takes place every four years, bringing together tens of thousands of choir singers and folk dancers with hundreds of thousands of spectators.

The renovation of Mežaparks Open-Air Stage and its surrounding area started in 2016 and has been carried out in several stages. The most ambitious was the second stage, completed in 2021. Among other developments, it envisioned the construction of four separate stormwater soakaway systems with a capacity ranging from 8.64 to 93.31 m3. In total, Pipelife Latvia supplied more than 300 crates for the Mežaparks Open-Air Stage.

Aerial view over the open air Mezaparks Open-Air Stage | Pipelife

Daugava Stadium Project: Stepping up the Flood Prevention Game

Daugava Stadium hockey arena was commissioned in 2021, right before the IIHF World Championship in Riga. The newly opened venue served as a training arena for the participant teams and has been hosting national and international sports events ever since.

The arena also boasts a modern stormwater soakaway solution. Surface runoff from the roof and the surrounding territory is collected and conveyed into a 24 x 18 x 1.2 meters-large soakaway area with a total capacity of 518.4 m3. Despite the existing underground engineering networks and trees growing on the plot, designers and Pipelife’s specialists were able to find a fitting solution. In total, 1200 Stormbox II crates were used to build the infiltration system, arranged in two layers.

The client SIA TGME chose Pipelife also for their high-quality customer service, quick delivery and good payment conditions.

Ivans Osipovs, the Chairman of the Board of the SIA TGME states: “We have been working with Pipelife for a long time and have been able to witness the excellent quality of their products on many occasions. Pipelife is our go-to supplier in many of our projects; the deliveries are always made quickly, and the quality of customer service is also good: the employees are professional and eager to help. During this project, it was not difficult to build the infiltration area with Stormbox II crates. All works were completed according to the design, and what concerns Pipelife materials and deliveries, there were no delays.”

Daugava stadium ice hall | Pipelife

Modernizing Stormwater Systems Today for a Flood-Free Tomorrow

European Environment Agency’s projections show that during the 21st century, areas in northern and northeastern Europe may experience up to 35% more rainfall during the winter. Therefore, the reconstruction and modernization of outdated rainwater management networks are urgently needed.

Underground stormwater retention system Stormbox II has earned customers’ trust as a convenient solution for urban and residential areas due to its broad adaptability, straightforward installation and simple maintenance. For these reasons, Stormbox II convincingly serves as the first line of defense for crucial infrastructure objects and buildings, avoiding future flood damage.

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