Stormwater Mangement

Stormwater treatment and cleaning systems


By having environmentally friendly sediment and oil separators and filters in place, water pollution can be reduced so any rainwater that is collected can be safely returned to the soil, discharged into public sewage or stormwater networks, reused for households and gardens or stored for periods of drought.

Compared to commonly used biotic soil zones, Pipelife’s treatment systems can easily be used in urban regions and under traffic areas. Since they are installed underground, very little surface space is needed, resulting in quick and painless installations that require minimal maintenance. 

Our wide range of stormwater treatment solutions include: 

  • Sand- and leaf filters
  • Chemical filters
  • Separators for oil, fat and hydrocarbons

Our treatment and cleaning systems are part of our innovative stormwater management system, which is able to capture, retain and reuse water effectively. As can be expected, our systems adhere to national as well as international quality and safety standards. 



Untreated stormwater poses a high risk for environmental contamination. Traces of our everyday life, such as oil, antifreeze agents, pet waste or even just sand and grit can cause severe damage. Pollution management is therefore not only necessary to protect lakes and rivers, but also groundwater.

We have responded to this issue by developing our environmentally-friendly stormwater management system that is designed to reduce water pollution, by catching, redirecting, cleaning and repurposing stormwater. All treated water is safely released into the water cycle, which can be reused for irrigation and sanitary purposes, thus saving valuable resources.

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