Prefabricated Hydronic Underfloor Heating Project in Bulgaria

14. September 2022 | 3 min read

From comparing the many options on the market to finding qualified design and installation specialists, getting a heating system for your home can be a daunting task. Is there a way to stay warm in winter without all that hassle? A homeowner in Trudovets recently participated in a project from Pipelife Bulgaria and tested DIY prefab underfloor heating mats.

Unrolled and installed underfloor heating mats in Martin's house in Trudovets | Pipelife

High-Quality Heating Solutions Made Simple

This summer, Martin Dimitrov, a homeowner in Trudovets, Bulgaria, contacted Pipelife about an underfloor heating system for his house. Like most homeowners, Martin was looking for a heating solution that would be cost-efficient and long-lasting. Furthermore, as finding installers can be time-consuming and costly, Martin wondered if he could use his technical skills and carry out some installation tasks himself.

“As a new homeowner, I have quite high expenses regarding design and installation, and I was looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable option,” explains Martin.

Considering Martin’s needs, Pipelife experts decided to offer him one of the company’s most recent solutions — prefabricated underfloor heating mats. Every mat is designed and preassembled according to the project’s exact specifications in a controlled environment, ensuring a highly reliable result. Connections to and from manifolds are also part of the mat; therefore, no additional fittings are needed.

Nikolay Markov, Product Manager at Pipelife Bulgaria comments: “This project was a great opportunity to share the advantages of the prefab mats with our customer who was interested in a complete solution tailored to his needs and preferred to have all system parts from one supplier. By providing product design, calculation, prefabrication, delivery, and installation support, we are proud to say we could fully meet our customer’s needs!”

Prefabricated hydronic underfloor heating mats at the installation site in Trudovets | Pipelife

DIY Installation of an Underfloor Heating System

Homeowners with DIY expertise like Martin can install prefabricated underfloor heating mats with minimal assistance from qualified plumbers while speeding up the installation process at least 4-5 times. In the pilot in Trudovets, the installation was completed 7 times faster compared to standard systems.

Relying on instructions from Pipelife, Martin performed the vast majority of installation on his own, installing the underfloor heating system in a total area of 100 m2.

“As I have good technical skills, these mats worked great for me!” says Martin, “Instead of hiring a whole team of installers, I just needed help from one plumber. Together, we connected the mats to the manifold and did pressure testing.”

Martin Dimitrov installing the prefabricated underfloor heating mats in his house together with a plumber | Pipelife
Martin installing the prefabricated underfloor heating mats in his house | Pipelife

Lower Heating Bills, Higher Comfort

Offering more even indoor temperatures, higher comfort levels and lower running costs compared to other heating technologies, radiant hydronic systems have become highly popular among homeowners in Bulgaria.

Such systems work by circulating warm water through a series of pipes embedded in the floor. The whole surface acts like a radiator and evenly conducts heat from the floor to the objects in the room.

In addition, surface heating systems require lower water temperatures — around 45 ˚С — compared to other technologies that use water of 50-80 ˚С. As lowering the water temperature even by one degree saves approximately 6% of heating costs, homeowners benefit from both lower bills and more comfortable indoor climate during the cold months.

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