Heating & Cooling

Indoor Surface Heating and Cooling

Hydronic heating and cooling solutions

Whether you are planning a new construction or giving an old building an energy upgrade, our extensive range of surface heating and cooling solutions guarantee reliability and efficiency, even for the most challenging installations.


Underfloor Heating & Cooling Systems

Opt for our comprehensive range of hydronic underfloor heating and cooling solutions to create a more comfortable, healthier and safer environment for your home or office . Compatible with most structural conditions and ideal for wet or dry installations for new buildings as well as for renovation projects. 

CDP-400 3d render

Wall/Ceiling heating and cooling systems

With versatile fastening options, you can easily and safely install our universal wall and ceiling systems in prefabricated houses, new buildings or renovations. Compatible with all common building materials such as thermal insulation, wood, concrete or brick, and drywall construction.  

gbp-10 gipszkarton panel

Prefabricated Panel heating and cooling systems

Benefit from prefabricated systems for buildings where there are no wet solutions (plaster, monolithic concrete slab) or where a faster and cleaner construction is preferred. Compatible with all building types, including lightweight, attics, interiors with suspended ceilings, and building renovations.

Qual-Pex Easy-Lay Underfloor (5).JPG

Industrial Underfloor Heating Systems

Economic and ecologic hydronic heating solutions for large-scale buildings such as production halls or warehouses. Create more comfortable, healthier and safer conditions at lower running costs and optimal use of space. Complete underfloor heating systems for a fast setup, minimal maintenance and long service life. 

playing field

Sports Halls Underfloor Heating Systems

Create a consistently comfortable environment for both spectators and players. Our systems  are compatible with all common sports floor types (surface elastic, point and mixed-elastic) and coverings such as hardwood, pad and pour polyurethane, recycled rubber with EPDM, sports linoleum and vinyl.

Concrete Core Activation Slabs

Our heating and cooling solutions for concrete core activation provide complete flexibility to suit your individual installation needs. They can be designed and delivered in prefabricated slabs, enabling easier and faster installations.

W - HM.neoRoom2_LARGE_22112013.jpg

Temperature Regulation Systems

Our regulation devices can be setup in new and old buildings, with a wide choice of systems such as wired and RF systems, and programmable electronic thermostats with LCD display.

What benefits can you expect from installing Pipelife surface heating and cooling systems?

  • Full service from design to expert support throughout all project stages 
  • Durable, high-quality materials requiring minimal maintenance
  • Customized and adaptable systems for each project
  • Complete solutions for every building type
  • Quick and easy installation, even in old buildings

energy-efficiency for every type of building

All our systems are compatible with renewable energy sources, and a broad range of structures and surface coverings for industrial facilities, housing and sports halls, providing ideal solutions for small to large-scale building projects.

Shot of two warehouse workers talking together over a clipboard inside of a large warehouse

Providing fast, quality installations

One of the most important criteria for building projects, especially for large-scale facilities, is speed of installation. Which is why quality materials that are easy and quick to setup are a crucial for fast-track projects.

With our complete and reliable surface heating and cooling systems and on-hand expert planning and support throughout all phases of your project, installations are fast, efficient, and ensure maximum service life at minimal downtime or maintenance. 

Pipelife Heating Open

Working towards a more sustainable future

As an active member of The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) we want to raise awareness of the value that plastic pipe systems offer for a sustainable future. In order to provide more transparency around the environmental impact of plastic pipe systems on our environment, we have issued an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) tool for your iPad, which you can find on the Apple app store or download directly from our webpage.

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News and Projects

Hydronic Radiant Cooling: Energy-Efficient Protection Against the Heat

July 12th, 2023 | 5 min read

Hermann Rosenberger with Pipelife Austria designed and implemented a sustainable cooling solution for a single-family house

Hydronic Radiant Cooling for single-family house project | Pipelife

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