Water Shortages? No More an Issue in Miesenbach, Austria!

01. July 2022 | 4 min read

In Austria’s municipality of Miesenbach, interruptions in potable water supply will no longer pose a problem, not even during periods of peak demand. Two giant potable water storage tanks made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) have been installed, considerably increasing the storage capacity of the local water cooperative. In times of raw material scarcity, this may pose a challenge, but not with the right partners at your side!

Aerial view of construction site Water Tank Miesenbach
The installation site at the municipality of Miesenbach

Potable Water Reservoirs Help Preventing Water Scarcity

Due to climate change, dry periods have been causing issues in potable water supply for many municipalities of Austria. The water cooperative of the Miesenbach municipality in Styria decided to increase its storage volume to be better prepared for extraction peaks. In cooperation with the planning office Ing. Dieter Dormann, a solution was found by installing two GRP potable water reservoirs of each 55 m3 volume, manufactured by Pipelife Austria’s supplier Aqua System. Karl Tschuchnik, Pipelife Field Service Representative, accompanied the project from the design to the installation of the water storage tanks and was supported by Helmut Trummer, Pipelife Project Coordinator.

The two potable water storage tanks used in Miesenbach offer a huge storage volume thanks to their DN 2400 diameter per container element. The arrangement of additional components such as the well pump, the deacidification and UV system as well as the service chamber is also very well thought out and designed to save energy.

In order to accommodate the deacidification plant, the transverse GRP service chamber boasts an impressive nominal diameter of 3000 millimeters. A UV disinfection system was also provided for hygienic safety.

Drinking water tanks are unloaded by crane in Miesenbach
The storage tanks are being unloaded at the installation site


The two containers were delivered by special transport directly via the manufacturer Aqua System. This posed an additional challenge, as the access to the point of installation was only possible via a very narrow forest alley.

Thanks to the professional approach of the carrier, the huge storage system elements reached the construction site safely. Thanks to the smooth interaction, the unloading into the prepared excavation pit with a mobile crane and the contraction of the container parts were carried out without any issues.

Due to the coordination with the crane and the helpers, the container had to be installed in one day. As expected in November, it became dark before the installation could be completed; therefore, the last steps were carried out under the spotlight.

Miesenbach was able to start the year 2022 with freshly installed water reservoirs — and with the certainty that water shortages in the municipality have become a thing of the past.

drinking water storage tank laying in headlights
Potable water reservoir installation in winter under the spotlight


A not negligible aspect of this project was the shortage of raw materials during the last year, which affected many producers as well as planners and construction companies. Availability was, apart from timely deliveries and outstanding cooperation with Pipelife’s team, the reason why Miesenbach chose Pipelife as the supplier.

Franz Berger, chairman of the water cooperative, comments: “Even in these challenging times, we were able to count on Pipelife as a reliable partner for a reasonable delivery time of the potable water reservoirs. In times of uncertainty, this is an important factor in the selection of our suppliers. As with previous projects, we were impressed by Pipelife’s service quality — throughout the construction process, we were competently supported and advised by Karl Tschuchnik and Helmut Trummer. This is a great service.”

Inside the huge Valve Chamber of the Potable Water Tank in Miesenbach
The service chamber of one of the water tanks installed in Miesenbach


With drinking water reservoirs from Pipelife, municipalities can put an end to water shortages even during abstraction peaks. Thanks to the wide range of water tapping systems, PE potable water tanks with various storage capacities and tailor-made GRP reservoirs, supply bottlenecks and water shortages are a thing of the past.

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