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03. May 2023 | 3 min read

Heavy rain presents us with challenges time and time again and will continue to do so in the future. To prevent flood damage, a well-thought-out rainwater management system is crucial. During the construction of a new production hall for a concrete plant in Kirchbach, Styria, key precautions were taken to collect surface and roof water in a Pipelife stormwater retention pipe system and subsequently infiltrate it in a controlled manner.

Partially buried storage sewer next to Leier's production site made from Pipelife's large-diameter pipes | Pipelife © Pichler Bau GmbH/Lukas Bäck

Rainwater Solutions Required for a New Hall Construction

In Kirchbach, Styria, the construction materials manufacturer Leier is currently building an extension for its concrete plant in cooperation with the general contractor Unger Stahlbau GmbH and Pichler Bau GmbH, a local outdoor facilities company. The Styria site manufactures horticultural and building construction materials, and a new production hall is needed to increase the plant’s on-site capacity.

However, the many sealed surfaces at the production site also mean that a well-thought-out concept for stormwater management must be in place. The new production hall’s large roof and asphalted outdoor areas require special consideration. To prepare for heavy rainfall, and to collect and subsequently release the water in a controlled manner, Unger Stahlbau planned and designed a 150 m³ stormwater retention pipe system, which was executed by Pichler Bau under the project management of master builder Lukas Bäck and implemented with Pipelife products.

An inspection chamber installed on the stormwater retention system next to the production site | Pipelife © Pichler Bau GmbH
Corrugated drainage pipes in an open trench next to the production site | Pipelife © Pichler Bau GmbH

Collect, Store and Drain Rainwater With the Pipelife Stormwater Retention Pipe System

The Pipelife storage sewer consists of large-diameter pipes, together with the complementary fittings. If necessary due to local conditions and requirements, special accessories such as inlets and outlets can be supplied as well. The core element of the system is SL large-diameter pipes. As the name suggests, these PP pipes are characterized by their huge diameters and ability to absorb and drain large quantities of rain. The pipes are connected by preformed push-fit sockets, facilitating the installation process. A wide range of fittings is available to meet various project requirements.

For the project in Kirchbach, 120 meters of 800-millimeter SN8 pipes were used for the construction of the 150 m³ storage sewer. The supply line is made with 120 meters of 500-millimeter diameter pipes. The system is supplemented by two 600-millimeter inlets and additional five saddle pieces.

In the event of heavy rain, accumulated rain and surface waters are channeled into the storage sewer using PVC SN4 sewage pipes. There, the water is collected, temporarily stored and subsequently fed into two soakaway basins designed for controlled infiltration into the groundwater. The soakaway basins and the concrete plant's throttle shaft will be completed in spring 2023.  

All components of the storage channel were delivered directly to the construction site in September 2022 via the central warehouse in Krems. Pipelife’s field service supervisor, Armin Radauer, not only worked closely with Pichler Bau, but was also present during the installation to provide on-site support.

A view from above to the installation site in Kirchbach | Pipelife
Storage sewer system from large-diameter pipes and fittings set up in a shallow trench next to the concrete plant | Pipelife

Longstanding Cooperation

Apart from the reservoir sewer for Leier, the Pichler Bau team had already relied on Pipelife’s solutions for a number of projects in the past. For Pichler Bau project manager and master builder Lukas Bäck, there are several reasons for this:

"We chose Pipelife as our partner and supplier for this project because, we trust in the high quality of Pipelife’s products and their rapid availability was very convenient for us. Furthermore, the on-site support by Pipelife’s field service representative has been highly valuable in ensuring the success of this project."

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