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Flood Mitigation & Prediction

In the face of climate change we are experiencing more extreme rainfall and flash floods causing disruptions and damage to private property and businesses. According to government research European flooding costs could increase almost five-fold by 2050 unless we take proactive measures. Thankfully, there are many preventative steps we can take to ensure our cities and urban areas remain safe and liveable for current and future generations.

Managing rainwater to prevent flooding

What a lot of people don’t realize, is once installed, an effective rainwater management system won’t cost you anything to maintain and can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. Furthermore, it’s never too late to install.

Pipelife’s Raineo® is a modular systems that can be customized to meet various requirements and installed in multiple layouts and complex structures. Similar to Lego, all Raineo® parts fit into a whole system, which is adaptable in size, volume and number. 

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benefits of flood mitigation and prediction

Limits damages to public and private properties

Limits disruptions to private and public transport

Aleviates public drainage and water treatment systems

Prevents floods and overflows with remote and prior warning

European flooding costs could increase five-fold by 2050

Beautiful young mother with little son walking in the street after a rain. Rear view
Beautiful young mother with little son walking in the street after a rain. Rear view

More safety and capacity at less cost

In order to accommodate heavier rainfalls, instead of investing in the extension or enlargement of stormwater or combined sewage systems, it is often more cost-effective and safer to install an underground stormwater storage system, which can trap rainwater before it reaches the sewer systems. In this way, you have a bigger safety margin to cope with large volumes of rainwater in a short period of time. 

A modular system, such as Pipelife's Raineo Rainwater Management Solution, fits in almost any layout and structure and can accommodate any required capacity size.  

Autumn leaves floating on water surface.

Prevent flooding with warning systems

With a remote monitoring system that provides real time data, you have access to essential information so you can take the right course of action to mitigate potential flooding and damage to your property and surrounding areas. 

Furthermore, gone are the days of having to send someone to check on your stormwater system. With advanced maintenance warnings, your monitoring system tells you exactly when it needs a check up. 


Sad asian little girl looking outside through the window in the rainy day in vintage color tone

Breaking down our Raineo® system for flood mitigation and prevention

All parts of the Raineo® system are tailor-made and adaptable to suit your needs:

  • Catching water from roofs, parking lots, outside areas
  • Cleaning water through filters and separators
  • Transporting or redirecting water
  • Storing water for future use, or
  • Properly discharged offsite

News and Projects

Raineo: Stormwater Management Solutions wrapped in one word

Our cities are growing in population and size, climate is changing, and water is becoming scarce. We are forced to find solutions that keep our communities safe and that ensure the wellbeing also for future generations. In this article we take a closer look at which water related issues we can solve with efficient stormwater management – not only in Poland but in all countries facing similar problems

Nov 13, 2019 | 6.7 min read


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