Sewage Network Rehabilitation in Winter with PP Master

25. January 2023 | 4 min read

In the town of St. Peter an der Au in Lower Austria, the signs of construction works are easy to spot. The municipality’s wastewater system is under overhaul as part of a comprehensive renovation project, and deteriorated sewage pipes are being replaced despite the wintery weather conditions. The challenging project has benefitted from the excellent installation properties of the Pipelife PP Master wastewater pipe system.

Laying pipes in confined conditions in St. Peter/Au. | Pipelife
Sewer renovation in confined conditions in St. Peter/Au.

A reliably functioning wastewater network is essential for the safe disposal of wastewater and contributes significantly to the local community’s health and quality of life. The decision-makers in St. Peter/Au are well aware of this and have started sewage network rehabilitation in several areas of the municipality, together with the IKW ZT GmbH planning office and the Klaus Stockinger GmbH & Co KG construction company. In addition, new water supply pipes are being installed as part of the municipality’s underground infrastructure reconstruction strategy.

During the rehabilitation works, the existing concrete sewer will be replaced with Pipelife PP Master wastewater pipes. One challenge the project poses is the limited space, which complicates digging the 4-meter-deep trench needed for laying the pipes.

Installation During the Winter? No Problem for PP Master

The comprehensive reconstruction project started in April 2022 and is scheduled for completion by spring 2023 at the latest. To meet the tight deadline, the works must also continue during the winter, sometimes at subzero temperatures.

However, by using the right pipe material, the timing of sewer construction does not have to depend on the season. PP Master wastewater pipes and fittings are characterized by their high impact strength and are manufactured and tested according to the highest standards. They carry the ice crystal quality mark and can be laid without any problems at subzero temperatures up to -10 °C. 

For the sewage project in St. Peter/Au, the contractor Klaus Stockinger plans to install around 700 meters of three-layer, solid-wall SN 12 pipes in dimensions ranging from DN 150 to 400. In addition, the contractor is relying on house connections and connections for road gullies from the Pipelife range. All materials were delivered promptly to the construction site via Pipelife Austria’s branch office in Blindenmarkt and the central warehouse in Krems.

A PP Master pipe is being lowered into a narrow trench in St.Peter/Au | Pipelife
When the ice crystal quality mark makes the difference: Laying wastewater pipes in subzero temperatures and snow.

Full-Range Supplier for Comprehensive Project Requirements

Throughout the project, Klaus Stockinger and his team have been working closely with the supervising Pipelife field service representative Thomas Fuchs. The managing director is delighted with the collaboration results — from the quality of the supplied products to the full project support.

Klaus Stockinger admits that Pipelife Austria has been more than just a supplier: “With Pipelife, I have a partner and full-service provider at my side with whom I’ve enjoyed a good working relationship for years. From pipe systems for several application areas to valuable consultation service and shipping directly to the construction site — this is how projects are successfully implemented.”

The excavation work necessary for the sewer renovation will also allow replacing the water supply pipes in the area, some of which are 40 years old. Here, too, the contractor relies on Pipelife’s full-range solutions. A total of 1200 meters of Aqualine RC HDPE potable water pipes will be installed with matching fittings, welding sleeves and household connections.

Safe Wastewater Networks for the Next Generations

The three-layer, solid-wall PP Master pipe system stands for quality, safety and simplicity. Thanks to its outstanding technical properties, the PP Master system is suitable for even the most challenging installation conditions, such as low cover heights, high groundwater levels, and subzero temperatures. The pipe’s sophisticated socket with its red support ring prevents installation errors, ensuring safe and simple handling and reliable service for decades.

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