Manholes and Chambers


Our pipelife PRO manholes and chambers offer strength, durability and resistance to abrasion and high temperatures, ensuring a reliable long service life. Thanks to their lightweight material they are very easy to install without the use of heavy machines, and provide an ideal solution for sewage and stormwater applications in various ground and water conditions. They can also be easily connected to our Pipelife Pragma® Pipes, and form an important part of our rainwater management solution.

Our Pipelife PRO manholes offer a wide range of connections to the base and riser rings. In practice, engineers can design their ideal manhole without being constrained by standard inlet-angle configurations. We also offer flexible sockets, which if needed, allow for a ± 7.5° correction of the inlet angle. Water tightness is also guaranteed with rubber sealing rings, even if groundwater levels are higher.

Did you know?

You can complete your PRO system with our Composite Covers & Grates, ensuring consistant quality and reliability throughout your installation.


  • Sewage revision and inspection
  • Connecting sewers on different levels
  • Changing the direction of the sewer path (horizontally and vertically)
  • Changing the slope and vertical section of a sewer pipe
  • Draw tanks for PROFOS sewage pumping station
  • Energy reduction
  • Water meter manholes
  • Revision and inspection of telecommunication and power networks
  • Industrial-specific needs

PRO benefits at a glance

High resistance to chemicals

Made of Polypropylene, our manholes and chambers provide incredible structural strength, and are resistant to chemicals and external elements. This prolongs the lifespan of installations and reduces the need for maintenance. 

Precise and easy installation

Thanks to their lightweight material, our manholes and chambers can be easily installed and laid along entire sets of pipes, in any conditions and without the need for heavy construction equipment.


Soil Waste


Our Polypropylene chambers provide excellent hydraulic parameters and are resistant to sedimentation on the inner surface of the pipe. The smooth walls prevent the development of microorganisms and bacteria on their surface, minimizing maintenance and prolonging service life. 


The Future Is Now - 3D Printing

Application Fields

Common applications include:

  • CCTV inspection points
  • Cleanout access
  • Intermediate access points in long pipe sections
  • Monitoring and effluent sampling points

Custom-made Pipelife PRO

More ways to have it your way

The PRO inspection chambers and manholes can be tailored to specific needs. As well as inlet angles and risers, other options include sand and leaf traps, pumping stations and oil separators. The chambers can also be used to reduce the speed at which water flows down steep inclines in mountain and hillside pipeline networks.


function meets design

Pipelife PRO chambers come with a choice of standard-angle pipe inlets or custom designs to meet the needs of specific installation sites. The ribbed outer wall that gives the PRO system its lightweight strength also doubles as a locking system: soil fills the gaps and holds the chamber in place should groundwater levels rise.

PRO inspection chambers and manholes are flexible, strong, don't collapse under pressure the way concrete does and don't corrode. Installation can be performed with smaller and less costly cranes, and less manpower – crucial benefits given that people and equipment account for a big portion of project costs. 


Future-proof design

Every element of the PRO manhole system has been designed from the customer's point of view. Our goal is to add value by focusing on overall system and project costs, ease of installation and operation, and long-term life expectancy and sustainability.

Built to resist

Every PRO manhole is strong enough to withstand heavy traffic (Class D, 400kN), earth loads and 5 meters of groundwater pressure. Our chambers also withstand high temperatures, are 100% water resistant, provide excellent chemical resistance in aggressive environments, and they don't crack in the face of demanding freezethaw cycles.


Built to adapt

The telescopic riser and cover allows flexibility during warm and cold months, which helps to reduce road deformation and cracking. Inherently, this solution can decrease maintenance costs and ensure a longer roadway lifespan. Via the support ring the weight on the cover is also transmitted into the ground, rather than onto the manhole, while the ribbing on the outside of the chamber fills with soil, ensuring it stays in place regardless of soil movement or rising groundwater pressure.


Soil Waste

Built to flow

Our PRO chambers enable an excellent flow rate, featuring high flow-profile walls and smooth internal surfaces for optimal hydraulics. This guarantees excellent flow characteristics in both normal conditions and, crucially, during the kind of sudden, torrential downpours that are expected to become increasingly common due to climate change.

Built to last

PRO inspection chambers and manholes provide a long-lasting solution, with at least 50 years of reliable service. As can be expected, they comply with national as well as international quality and safety standards.

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