Macedonia Shopping Center Skopje


03. August 2021 | 3 min read

Just as every large-scale building project, erecting East Gate Mall shopping center in Skopje has its unique requirements which ask for innovative solutions. Despite the project’s complexity, the contractor’s main goal was to complete it as swiftly as possible while providing first-class quality. Pipelife Bulgaria contributed with state-of-the-art, easy-to-install water supply, rainwater drainage and wastewater solutions for the building envelope as well as underground infrastructure.

The contractor, Fortuna Engineering, took the initiative and brought the investor and Pipelife together. Looking back on a long-lasting business relationship, the construction company wanted to get Pipelife on board and a history of successful collaboration played an important role in convincing the investor.

"In our eyes, Pipelife is a strong partner you can rely on in all respects. The company caters for almost all application areas thanks to their vast product portfolio. Punctual deliveries, as well as exceptional service save us a lot of time and headaches, making them a perfect cooperation partner. This applies not only to this project but also to previous projects we have worked on together”, says Fortuna Engineering.


Fortuna Engineering appreciates the comprehensive range of piping systems Pipelife offers for potable water, waste- and stormwater applications for building as well as underground infrastructure. Reducing the number of suppliers helps economize - not only in terms of money but also regarding time. Contractors as well as end clients can rely on equal high quality and environmental standards across all products involved for several fields of application. Kilometers of pipe and a wide range of manholes, shafts and fittings are already on-site. Their installation is in full swing.

Macedonia Shopping Center Skopje


Pipelife’s PE PRO manholes and corrugated sewage and stormwater piping range, Pragma, work out more economic and are ecologically friendlier than heavier and bigger alternatives which are also more difficult to manipulate. The products’ light weight saves on Co2 emissions in transportation as well as installation. In addition to this, the products boast a comparably longer service life and require less maintenance.

A siphonic draining solution for flat roofs not only costs less but does the job more efficiently than gravity drainage systems. Investors save on time and material, while gaining better control over flooding and pollution. A further noteworthy advantage, not only for private but also public properties, is the fact that Pipelife’s siphonic drainage increases design and functional freedom for the building itself.

Pipelife’s special oil separators for stormwater drainage in parking lots provide a treatment efficiency of above 92%. They are compact, easy to install and maintain. Apart from this, they can be safely connected to the existing sewerage pipe and manhole system. 

Pipelife Bulgaria’s latest development is an automatic grease separator. It relieves sewerage maintenance while ensuring safe discharge of wastewater into the public sewer system.


The hygienically safe PP-R water supply and distribution lines that are installed in the shopping mall tick all the boxes for reliable frequent use by the expected great stream of visitors. The system promises a long and safe service life, with no sedimentation or corrosion along the way, meeting the highest quality standards.

Master 3 PLUS sound proofed soil and waste pipe systems meet all requirements for a undisturbed dwelling in private and public buildings such as hotels, hospitals, trade centers, etc. They have been tested to be quieter than any other sound-absorbing soil and waste piping system on the market. The fittings range is designed with increased wall thickness, which guarantees excellent insulation properties.

Macedonia Shopping Center Skopje

Pipes in various lengths and the user-friendly jointing system make installation fast and easy. A wide range of pipes and fittings have already been delivered to the site. The new shopping center East Gate Mall in Skopje, Macedonia, is scheduled to open doors to visitors end of 2021.

“We are eagerly looking forward to the grand opening! With all systems safely installed and functioning flawlessly we’re ready to welcome all our partners and guests”, shares the investor.


Product lines Pragma, PRO, Fatbox, Oilbox, vacuum roof drainage PPR,
Master 3 Plus
Pragma wastewater pipe system  DN 315; DN 400; DN 500
PRO Manholes  50 manholes PRO 1000 and 50 manholes Prakto DN 400
Grease seperator Fully automated NS10 and NS20 
Oil seperator connecting to the discharge system
Vacuum roof drainage Full system pipes and fittings 
PP-R System for potable water Full system pipes and fittings DN20-DN63
Master 3 Plus sound insulated soil and waste pipe system  Full system pipes and fittings DN 32-DN 160

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