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Rain is part of your life. You can efficiently store and reuse it to save on resources.

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Rainwater Reuse

Water shortages are increasingly making news headlines around the world. Research predicts that water availability and quality will be the main challenge for societies and the environment. With unusual weather on the rise in the face of climate change, we are expecting more flash floods alternating with droughts, affecting over 100 million people in Europe.

By implementing sustainable rainwater management systems for water reuse we could save millions of cubic meters of potable water annually to be used during dryer periods, whilst also protecting public sewer and stormwater systems during heavy rainfall and floods. 

Better water management could help protect 4.8 billion people who presently live in potential water-scarce areas.

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Harvesting rainwater to Mitigate water scarcity

Agriculture, industry, and domestic consumption are depleting our natural reserves. According to the UN, water shortages could affect half the world's population by 2050, due to climate change, increased water demand, and polluted supplies (2018 Report)

To ensure universal access to safe and potable drinking water, solutions such as rainwater collecting and water recycling could help save millions of cubic meters of water. Rather than using valuable tap water, rainwater can be captured and collected from sealed surfaces and roofs, to be stored and later reused.

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benefits of rainwater reuse

Acceptable water quality at minimal cost for many appliances

Aleviates public drainage and water treatment systems

ensures water availability for irrigation during dry spells

Reduces potable water use and reliance on water imports

Agriculture: 40% of total water use per year in Europe



June 14th, 2021 | 3 min read

With rising temperatures and therefore increased evaporation, cities are confronted with a growing risk of urban desiccation. Unfortunately, blue and green infrastructure solutions that would compensate for this are often difficult or impossible to implement in dense city centers.

Urban desiccation

Why install a rainwater management system

What a lot of people don’t realize, is once installed, an effective rainwater collection and reuse system won’t cost you anything to maintain and can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. Furthermore, it’s never too late to install.

Pipelife’s Raineo® is a set up of different modular systems that can be customized to meet various requirements and installed in multiple layouts and complex structures. Similar to Lego, all Raineo® parts fit into a whole system, which is adaptable in size, volume, and number. 

Pipelife Storm Water Open

Raineo: Prevents overflows and saves water for dry spells

For the reuse of rainwater, an attenuation system is ideal to store excessive water for irrigation and/or to be used as greywater for households. This system also helps to prevent overflows by slowing down the rate at which surface water enters sewers or watercourses, and further reduces the risk of downstream flooding.

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Breaking down our Raineo® water management system

News and Projects


Pipelife Austria and non-profit organization VinziRast have joined forces for an exciting development project outside Vienna where A former hotel is being converted into a self-sufficient rehousing facility.

April 8th, 2021 | 4 min read

Residents of VinziRast constructing a hen coop

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