Testimonio Project

Stormwater Collection System For a Grand Project in Monaco

29. July 2021 | 3 min read

With only 1.98 square kilometers of land, the Principality of Monaco is a challenging area for new constructions. Pipelife France took part in a grand project on the last available plot in Monaco, supplying the residential building's parking area with a PP rainwater collection system.


Monaco is well-known for its efficient use of land. Squeezed onto 1.98 square kilometers of land, new constructions require smart solutions. Recently, Pipelife France took part in an impressive project on the last available plot in the Principality of Monaco. The Testimonio II project is executed by Groupe Marzocco, covering 150,000m2 of land.  It’s principally meant to include 336 state-owned apartments, 54 top quality private apartments, 5 luxury villas and the International School of Monaco. This grand project’s construction already began in 2017, and it’s planned to be finished in 2024.  

Pipelife France was brought in to supply for a stormwater system that will collect stormwater from 1,100 parking spaces on 13 levels. The pipe system must be first-rate quality to efficiently and safely collect the polluted water and avoid any leaks that could cause damage to the building. 

Stormwater Collection Project


The principality is known for having limited space and difficult site conditions. Specifically, for the Testimonio II project the contractor Vinci had to bear in mind that the piping system would be difficult to access in future while having to resist potentially high levels of chemical pollution. 

Due to these conditions, the contractor opted for a product system the company trusted in as they had already successfully implemented several challenging projects with it in the past: Pipelife PP Master Systems. Several diameters ranging from DN 110 to DN 315 as well as various fittings were used to collect and divert the water from the building’s parking area.  


Usually, PP Master pipe systems are used for underground sewage systems. However, because the pipe system will be difficult to access in future, the contractor opted for a sturdy solution that would remain tight and last longer without maintenance. Thanks to the pipes' integrated socket and special sealing ring design, displacements of the rubber during jointing can be as good as excluded. Apart from providing easy, fast and safe installation, PP Master was selected especially for its superior chemical resistance.  

Stormwater Collection System


Complying to clients’ needs, understanding the area specifics and providing the most suitable system solution, according to site conditions, is done best with local presence.

Limited space on site required stringent logistics, which meant that goods had to be delivered at specific times, and in accordance with available space as well as installation progress. Pipelife France’s local dealer organized and managed the project successfully in close cooperation with Vinci. A total of 2 to 3 truckloads of products were delivered to the construction site.

To make sure everything ran smoothly and according to plan, a Pipelife Sales Manager regularly presented himself on site. Now, the pipe system is fully installed in the building. However, the building will open its doors to residents only in 2024.

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