Master3Plus pipe systems effectively suppress noise from soil and waste activity and equip buildings with an almost silent water discharge system that ensures top property value. This state-of-the-art soil and waste solution reduces airborne and structure-borne sound with a comprehensive array of sound-dampening pipes, fittings and accessories.  

The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany certified Master3Plus as one of the quietest systems in Europe. Our market-leading solution curbs soil and waste disruption below 10 decibels to improve the acoustics and living quality of your building.


  • Domestic and industrial soil and waste systems 
  • Underground building laterals connecting to road sewerage systems (≥ 75 DN/OD) 
  • Ventilation systems 
  • Central vacuuming systems 
  • Applications in accordance with EN 1451-1



Overview of Master3Plus products standing together


Optimal hydraulic performance thanks to the smooth inner layer reduces turbulence and noise. A sturdy middle layer lends the pipe high rigidity, and the impact-resistant external layer ensures safe on-site handling — even at subzero temperatures.  

The multi-layer structure of Master3Plus provides excellent sound insulation while high-quality raw materials ensure a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Black Maste3Plus Acoustic Soil & Waste Pipe System Fittings Swept


Our more than 200 fittings ensure easy and efficient implementation of almost any configuration. Whether you prefer socket-spigot or all-socket fittings, Master3Plus connections enable quick and failsafe assembly while boasting superior leak-tightness.  


Master3Plus accessories, such as the acoustic clamp, are specially designed to dampen vibrations and limit reverberation throughout walls and ceilings.  

While good pipe insulation minimizes noise transmission within a space, sound-dampening connections to the building are required to stop the progression of structure-borne sound as it transfers through building structures to adjacent spaces. 

Whisper quiet

Discover how acoustic pipes are enhancing renovation projects in Finland 


Master3Plus is made to meet today’s construction and housing challenges in terms of quality, sound insulation, ease of installation and service life. Three functional pipe layers, premium-grade raw materials, and a well-thought-out product design deliver tangible benefits for designers, investors, installers and dwellers alike. 


Excellent sound and vibration insulation thanks to high-quality raw materials and sound-dampening design throughout the system.


Master3Plus products boast high-impact resistance thanks to premium-grade raw materials and ensure safe on-site handling even in subzero temperatures.


Our wide variety of fittings and accessories provide design freedom and enable the implementation of practically any configuration.


Quality raw materials and reliably tight fittings ensure more than 50 years of service life with minimal maintenance.


A specially designed gasket profile facilitates assembly considerably, and all-socket or socket-spigot designs enable fast and efficient installation. Insertion-depth markings and reinforcing ribs aid correct alignment. 


The smooth inner pipe layer and hydraulically optimized fittings have been designed to streamline water flow and reduce turbulence.


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Based on your digital layout, we offer a complete system design service, producing accurate virtual simulations, quick measurement and cost calculations, and instant conflict detection.

If you prefer designing setups yourself, simply download our Master3Plus library and use BIM to optimize your project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Acoustic soil and waste pipe systems reduce the noise caused by water flow from bathrooms, toilets and other wet facilities. The noise from the flush of a toilet or a draining bath can be loud and disruptive; acoustic soil and waste pipe systems address this through a combination of airborne and structure-borne sound insulation and mitigation.  

Master3Plus approaches soil and waste noise in two ways: airborne sound and structure-borne sound.  

Airborne sound is insulated through specially designed pipe walls. The multilayer structure and high-quality raw materials drastically reduce the sound that can escape.  

Structure-borne sound is caused by vibrations that reverberate through pipes and their attached structures. This requires sound-dampening fittings, clamps and connection points designed to suppress vibration. 

According to the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, Master3Plus is one of Europe’s quietest soil and waste systems. It exceeds VDI 4100 requirements by limiting soil and waste sounds below 10 decibels. This means that users in an adjoining room would perceive a water flow of four liters per second (e.g., a toilet flushing) as quietly as someone breathing. 

The Master3Plus installation process is safe and easy. Insertion depth markings and reinforcing ribs help you see when fittings are oriented correctly, and connections are secure. Specifically designed gasket profiles enable fast assembly with comparably little effort, and the sturdy design ensures high impact resistance for worry-free handling on-site. The Master3Plus sealing ring is designed in a way that it can be removed and reinserted without having to mark which way around — both directions are correct and will remain tight. 

When choosing an acoustic soil and waste pipe system, we strongly recommend that you consider the complete piping system's sound-absorbing properties, including its hydraulic design and sound barriers.  

Sound is produced through vibrations that travel in the air or through materials. In building acoustics, these are referred to as air- and structure-borne sounds. While good pipe insulation minimizes noise transmission within a space, the progression of structure-borne sound is harder to contain as it is transferred through walls and building structures to adjacent spaces.  

Master3Plus successfully mitigates both air- and structure-borne sound and qualifies as one of the quietest soil and waste piping systems on the European market.

Master3Plus is available at competitive prices throughout Europe. It is an all-encompassing solution fitted to the custom requirements of your building, and the price varies accordingly. Please get in touch with your local Pipelife partner for a detailed offer. 

Master3Plus soil and waste pipes can be bought directly from your local Pipelife partner. We are present in over 20 European countries, all of whom will be happy to field any of your purchasing inquiries. For more details, see the list of our operating countries at the bottom of the page or click here.  

All Master3Plus soil and waste pipe systems are made from high-quality raw materials and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to ensure they last at least 50 years with minimal maintenance. 

Master3Plus can be installed in all domestic and industrial soil and waste systems. For building and drainage applications with a diameter of 75 DN/OD and above, it has also been approved for use in underground building laterals connecting to road sewerage systems. Beyond this, Master3Plus is also suitable for ventilation systems, central vacuuming systems, and other applications in accordance with EN 1451-1. 

Master3Plus has high impact, temperature, chemical and fire resistance: 

  • Master3Plus’s enhanced impact resistance is thanks to high-quality raw materials and a robust, multilayer structure. The systems can be comfortably installed in subzero temperatures and have been tested to EN 1451 standards at -10 °C 
  • The system can handle a maximum temperature load of 95 °C and a continuous load of 60 °C 
  • Master3Plus can withstand strong acid and alkali solutions, ranging from pH 2 to pH 12 
  • Under DIN 4102, Master3Plus has the B2 “normal flammability” classification and has been tested for its reaction to fire, smoke and flaming droplets in accordance with EN 13501 

















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Overview of Master3Plus products standing together

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